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    Loved this Australian article I came across, starting from the title “What is Vaginismus and Why is Nobody Talking About It” – we discuss that a lot here, why IS nobody talking about it?

    The author goes through her story, some background about vaginismus, conversations with another friend who has it, and convos with a doctor.

    Here’s a good quote:

    The other main reason many women go undiagnosed is because they’re embarrassed or ashamed of their condition. “The woman feels shameful that she’s not able to have intercourse, therefore she may be embarrassed to come and talk to a doctor about it,” Dr Farrell explains.

    But they aren’t the ones to blame, society’s treatment of sex, and in particular female pleasure, is. Until we can speak openly about our bodies – the good, the bad and the painful – without fear of shame, embarrassment or taboo, many will be left in the dark. And to me, that’s just not good enough. As my friend said, “Why is it not taught in schools?” and I would like to second that.

    The good news is however that with a good doctor, pelvic floor physiotherapist and psychologist, it’s a treatable condition. (Expensive, but treatable). And regardless, it’s still very possible to have a healthy, pleasurable and enjoyable sex life without penetration.

    “The important thing to realise is you are absolutely not alone,” Dr King tells me.

    I wish I could go back to my teenage self and tell her the same thing.

    Hopefully this article spreads, and it helps girls and women around Australia and the world!

    Helen Leff, LCSW

    Hi Sks823,
    Thank you for posting this article. Yes, we need to continue to bring vaginismus out of the shadows. Let’s all keep talking and getting the word out.


    Thanks so much for sharing this, Sks823! It’s so hard to find good resources about this, but I’m glad more women are starting to share their stories with the wider world to increase awareness. I completely agree with the assessment that the culture of silence and taboo around talking about the female body should take a lot of blame in terms of how vaginismus is pathologized and why women often wait so many YEARS to seek treatment or even to figure out what’s going on with their bodies. We’d never treat a cold or a broken arm this way, so it’s damaging that we give certain conditions this weight of shame. I hope that as mainstream awareness of vaginismus grows, we can better diagnose and treat it sooner and with far less shame.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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