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    Hi ladies. Dr. Pacik writes:

    “There are many monumental milestones that patients experience in the Botox treatment program for vaginismus. Just waking up with the largest dilator is the first important milestone. Later achieving pain free intercourse is the next important milestone. And certainly getting pregnant is one of the ultimate outcomes in overcoming vaginismus.”

    In a previous thread, the myth that childbirth would cure vaginismus was discussed and it was suggested to develop this topic further. This is an EXCELLENT idea and I believe one that is very, very important as so many patients come for the Botox treatment because they really want to start a family.

    Ladies, let’s discuss pregnancy and vaginismus.

    1) For patients who got pregnant after your treatment, please share your experiences.

    2) For patients who got pregnant, delivered by c-section, still had vaginismus and then had treatment, please share your experiences.

    3) For patients who may now be trying to conceive, what different methods have you tried (i.e. tracking your fertility days, fertility kits, etc.)?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts here ladies.


    Hi Heather! Nick and I overcame vaginismus on November 2011 (A couple of months after the procedure) and have been trying ever since to get pregnant. I was recently suggested to try the fertifility kits that most pharmacies sell, they work by detecting your most fertile days. We are looking forward to use it on our next cycle. We are also having a pre-conception visit with our OB-GYN next month and look forward to hearing more tips from our doctor, I will make sure I share them with you all. Take care!


    I was treated for vaginismus 3 years ago and we tried getting pregnant with the clearblue fertility monitor last year. Almost immediately, I got pregnant and just gave birth 2 weeks ago. I wanted a vaginal birth but the baby was in a breeched position (head top, feet bottom) so I had to get c-section. I haven’t tried intercourse yet but am hopeful that I am still vaginismus-free. The OB recommends trying intercourse after the 6th week.



    Congrats again sweetiani and I know you will be successful with intercourse again after the 6th week. Dr. Pacik has said in the past that when taking any sort of break, it is a good idea to start dilating again with the medium dilators and working your way back up to large. As you were treated 3 years ago, I assume you have only used the Pure Romance dilators. Following a lengthy break for neuro-surgery just last year, I began dilating again with purple and immediately worked back up to big blue. This prevented any discomfort when we resumed intercourse after the break. Hope this helps!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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