Truley blessed! 4 months after treatment!

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    Hiii everyone! I wrote on here back in august ! I got the botox treatment august.7th and it completley changed my life forever i was a sucess! I could finally have sex and be a normal women! I tell everyone i can about vaginismus because i dont want anyone to go threw it living in silence! I still cant get over how i have concurd this demond never would of thought i would be able to say i can have sex and even the fact that i can use tampons makes me the happiest 20 year old i know! Anywayss jusr wanted to check in and say how thankful and truley blessed im to have found this website! I had hope after reading peoples story that it would work and it did. So if anyones struggling not knowing if they should go for the treatment, i hope this gives you some hope and inspires you!

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