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    Hi everyone!

    I found this group not long ago and it was so reassuring to know that Vaginismus was something that could be overcome as I feel there is not a lot of awareness here in the UK.
    I wasn’t sexually active before marriage so I wasn’t aware I had Vaginismus until we both tried and were unable to have sex. Each time we tried, I would tense up and get anxious I couldn’t even handle being touched around the vagina (side note I’ve also never tried a tampon) so I booked an appointment with my GP.
    One thing I’m very grateful for is that my GP has great understanding about Vaginismus and was the first to mention it to me and suggested I take up counselling with Relate. I haven’t had any traumatic past experience that could trigger Vaginismus so I knew I needed to research more which is when I stumbled onto this support group and am so happy I did!
    I live in London and and found a post on here that mentioned The Gynae Centre and immediately booked an appointment. Dr Eskander and the nurses are so lovely and kept me at ease through the consultation. I wasn’t able to complete a full exam but was told I was a level 4 and it would help to get a hymenectomy too.
    The procedure went smoothly and came back after two weeks once I had healed from the hymenectomy to start using the dilators. At first I was in tears at the thought of it but Dr Eskander first used a cotton bud to touch around the vagina to let me get used to touch around the area then kept me talking until I didn’t realise that the first dilator was in! I took control and moved the dilator in and out until I was ready for the next one. After one follow up I had gotten through 4 dilators which then became slightly painful so was told to start with 3 until I was comfortable to go up to 4.
    From not being able to handle a finger or an exam to using the fourth dilator I couldn’t believe the difference it has made! I’m still working up to 4 as my appointment was 4 days ago but things are on the up 🙂
    I know this is a slightly different approach to Maze, but this gives those in the UK with Vaginismus an option closer to home and a general overview of how it works! This support group is so amazing and has given me so much hope so thank you! My husband has also been a huge support and it’s made such a difference.


    Hi Sanzk94 – thank you so much for sharing your story! I’ve seen a lot of women from the UK post in these forums and it’s so great to hear from someone who had a positive treatment experience. And wow! Working up to the 4th dilator already is amazing, congratulations! I’m also so glad you found a GP who knew about vaginismus – it’s a real testament to the fact that not being believed by medical professionals (as happens to a lot of women with vaginismus) can set a person back YEARS when it comes to seeking treatment. I hope other UK women will see your story and explore the same treatment path!

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