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    Hello people from Maze,

    I’m sorry if I make spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.

    After following pelvic floor therapy combined with dilator exercises, me and my husband are now transitioning towards PIV sex, but things aren’t going as well as I hoped, at least not from his side.

    As soon as it becomes clear to him we’re going to have a try (usually I lay down on my back, open my legs and tell him he can enter me), he ejaculates. He can’t even get to the entrance. Sperm usually ends up somewhere on my thighs or on the sheets of the bed cause he already ejaculates on his way towards my vagina.

    I have masturbated him for 8 years, because we were unable to have sex, so my thought is that he got used to that and his penis still needs to ‘learn’ new behavior. But we really have no idea on how to train him to get used to the new way of having sex.

    I know several others here have talked about similar issues and I wonder if there are general guidelines or brochures on this subject available?

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