The Importance of Gynecological Exams Post-Procedure

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    Hi ladies. There is a great new blog posted concerning the importance of gynecological exams post-procedure.

    Excerpts of the blog include:

    “During the post procedure counseling, we spend time speaking about transitioning to intercourse as well as preparing for a GYN exam. The two are very similar in that prior to intercourse and prior to a GYN exam it is recommended that dilation be done for about an hour. This helps stretch the vagina and reduces discomfort. I encourage patients to arrive at the GYN office with one of the large dilators in place. The doctor then removes the dilator and inserts a small speculum, which is about half the size of the dilator. This allows for a pain free exam and reduced anxiety in having this important examination.”

    There are several threads and stories that explore the joy of successful gynecological exams post-procedure. What have been your own experiences with having a gynecological exam post-procedure? Did you find the mock exam in Dr. Pacik’s office to be helpful as preparation for your first exam?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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