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    I’m at week 4 post Botox. I have mastered the pure romance purple dilator but the big pink one hurts! I can’t keep it in for more than 15 minutes and it burns the whole time. This is making me nervous to try intercourse. Any tips or advice?


    Congrats on moving so quickly through the dilators. The pink dilator is quite large, and might never feel as comfortable inside as the purple one does. Have you tried putting the the purple dilator in for a few minutes and then putting the pink one in?
    Also if the pink dilator burns for the whole 15 minutes, it might be better to do five minutes purple then five minutes Pink. You may have already tried this, and if so I would give it another week before trying intercourse as I think the Pink will become easier with another week of dilation.
    Good Luck!


    I agree with what Nicole said! I also want to say that the pink dilator is sort of by design larger than any penis than you’d expect to interact with – intercourse is WAY more comfortable than that dilator! Work your way gradually, and even if it isn’t TOTALLY comfortable, you may still be ready!



    Congrats on your progress with the dilators! You should feel so, so proud of yourself!

    I agree that during your dilating session you should use the purple one for a bit before using the pink. 🙂 And go very slowly with the pink one and use lots of lube! It’s okay that it is a bit painful/uncomfortable because it is larger than most penises.

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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