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    Hey everyone!

    Today I managed to insert my first regular tampax tampon (i’ve only ever been able to use a specific very small kind) without pain. However, it still feels very uncomfortable.
    So question to people who have gotten over their vaginismus: can you now use tampons easily? Everyone says you shouldn’t be able to feel it when inserted, so have you achieved this?
    Even though I can now insert the 4th dilator (yay) I have never been able to insert and wear a tampon without it feeling uncomfortable if not painful. Have you guys got over this?

    Thank you! Hope you’re all doing great.
    Gem x


    Hi Gemx,
    great question. It’s possible that you’re not inserting the tampon far enough inside the vaginal canal. Try to insert a little deeper inside the canal the next time you use one and see if that makes a difference. Also, try using some organic refined coconut oil when inserting the tampon (or another high quality lubricant like Sliquid), to see if that helps make insertion a little easier.
    And congratulations on progressing in dilation!


    Hey Gem! I’m seconding the coco oil. Personally doing some deep breathing and exhaling while inserting a tampon has helped me be able to get it in a bit deeper. I do think you should feel it if it’s in deep enough ad I have the same issue of not putting it in far enough…my body literally pushes the tampon out. (I once had a horrific experience of losing a tampon at a restaurant because my vagina did NOT like it in there)
    But again, that only happens if it’s not in deep enough. I believe in you! Don’t push yourself, though! Keep going girl!


    Hi Gem! It is SOOO normal to have trouble with tampons even after successful vaginismus treatment. I’m coming up on 3 years since having my botox procedure and I can still only insert a tampon when lying on my back (and usually with lube). It’s obviously not about the size of a tampon, but getting the angle right is hard to settle it in comfortably. Dealing with every aspect of vaginismus doesn’t happen at the same speed, but you WILL get better with time.

    There are some really useful tips on this forum post about how to get more comfortable inserting a tampon that helped me a lot:



    Totally understandable – using tampons is a new and different experience for you! Deep breathing still helps for me when putting in tampons. Also, I wrote this in the thread recessivegenequeen posted above but I’ll put it here too:

    …maybe you could try (a) putting a little lube on the part of the tampon applicator that you’re inserting and/or (b) (if you’re home or it’s possible,) putting it in while you’re in the same position that you’re used to putting dilators in (may have to put a towel down if you’re bleeding heavily)! Obviously you can’t do the second suggestion if you’re in a public bathroom or anything like that, but it might be a reasonable idea just to get your mind more comfortable with putting in the tampon. (“I’ve done this tons of times with dilators larger than this!”)

    Just know that there’s no way you can put in the applicator TOO far, and if it’s not in far enough it might be a bit uncomfortable after you remove the applicator (but won’t be harmful or anything – just take out & try again).

    Basically, you have to push the applicator in as far as it’ll go comfortably (it kinda just slips in comfortably when it’s in the right place), and at this point your fingers should be close to or pressed against your vagina. Then push the inner tube to insert the tampon, then take the applicator out. (You may know all of this but there’s no shame in not knowing exactly how to use a tampon – I definitely had to google when I was first attempting.)

    There’s also no shame in this taking a few tries to get used to, I doubt anyone (vaginismus or not) did it perfectly their first time

    Also, maybe you could try dilating while standing up/crouched to get used to putting in a tampon while standing up/crouched?

    Good luck!

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