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    This morning, my boyfriend and I were able to have sex for the second time since beginning internet counseling with Dr. Pacik! Last night, I slept with the #4 glass dilator, and this morning, put in the #5 glass dilator for an hour and a half or so. During our fun time before attempting intercourse, we made an awesome discovery! I have one of the candy stick vibrators, but wasn’t able to insert it at all, so I put the #5 glass dilator back in and had my boyfriend put the vibrator up against the outside of the dilator. It basically turned the dilator into a vibrator of its own! I don’t know how well this would work on the silicone dilators, but would love to hear from other ladies to see what they think. We had some fun trying different ways to use our newfound knowledge. Some worked, some just didn’t really do anything for me.

    I think doing that really helped my muscles relax enough so that when we tried intercourse, I was able to insert him, even though he’s larger than the #5. I’ve decided as of today to not worry about the #6 dilator at all.

    This time when we tried inserting him, I was on top. Like last time, this worked, but it also felt a tiny bit sore. Maybe from me tensing my muscles up more because of having to hold myself up. On the other hand, it was less anxiety inducing because I had more control and didn’t feel like I was being pinned down. The last time we tried, it was missionary, and while that worked fine physically, I started having something of a panic attack because I felt trapped. The time before that, we started with me on top and then switched to missionary, and that worked well. I think my takeaway from that is that we shouldn’t start in a position where I feel trapped, even if it means me feeling a little more sore at first.

    Anyway, we then switched so that he was behind me. It was kind of awkward just trying to insert him in that position. We were just trying to figure out the mechanics of that at first. I’m sure that’ll get easier with practice though. Once he was in though, we were able to have pain free enjoyable sex 🙂


    Wow! that’s amazing!! Congrats – and may it keep continuing.


    Congrats Vashalla. This is wonderful!!!


    Vashalla, that is awesome! I too struggle with the missionary position and feel more relaxed when I can be on top and be more in control. Another big fear of mine is from behind. Were you anxious about doing that way? How did you get over it and feel comfortable about it?


    I really wasn’t too anxious about trying it from behind. A long time ago, when I was casually dating someone who, as he put it, was “hung like a toothpick”, we were able to have sex in a few different positions, including from behind, so I already knew that I enjoyed that. Somehow, I didn’t really feel trapped in that position either. Mostly, it was just awkward trying to figure out the mechanics of it. Next time, we’re going to try that position with him standing beside the bed and experiment with putting pillows under me if necessary to figure out a better angle to do that at.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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