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    For those of us who are dilating 40 minutes to an hour before sex, it can be hard to keep yourself in the mood and not get anxious. Movies are a good way to pass the time comfortably …. does anyone have any recommendations for good romantic movies? I’m not really one for porn, too graphic for me … so I’m looking for some movies with good stories and intrigue that are erotic but not overly graphic. I used to feel slightly sad when watching movies that had sex scenes because I thought it would never be me…but now I can let go and feel happy!

    Let’s get a list going!


    Hi Sofi! I love your posts. I think the following movies are great and also have excellent love scenes:

    Sex and the City Collection [all of the episodes are around 30 minutes and have love/sex scenes as well as some useful learning tips; they are also very funny]

    Sex and the City Movies [1 and 2] – the movies have great love/sex scenes; the latest (#2) is my fav and is a must watch! [Smith Jarrod is my favorite character]

    The Notebook – this is one of my all time favorite romance films and I believe there is one very good love/sex scene

    I’m very interested in hearing further films here ladies??? Let’s keep the list going.


    Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and shamelessly recommend Magic Mike. If you’re male partner isn’t up for it, go see it in the theater yourself and then have a date night planned after. It’s fun (don’t think too deeply about the possible issues of reverse objectification and capitalism and all) and a few of those strip tease scenes are…well…worth the ticket price. With vaginismus we spend so much time planning and analyzing ourselves…this movie took me out of all that.

    I am going to not recommend the movie Sex And Lucia.
    The pros- it’s foreign, has a mystical element to it
    The cons- it doesn’t have enough story, no anticipation for the characters to get together. For me, the sex scenes were too over the top so instead of putting me in the mood, it intimidated me.


    I seem to recall Love Affair with Annette Benning/Warren Beatty – wonderfully sultry.

    While it may seem “cheesy” for some or too “young” — but Dirty Dancing – very sensual.

    Dr. Pacik

    A therapist from the AASECT organization was kind enough to send me this list:

    Everyone will have their own definition of “romantic but not too graphic.” Most of the following are more cerebral films with a sexual theme:

    Bliss -A story of sexual healing through Tantra
    Calendar Girls – Based on the true story of English women, led by steamy Helen Mirren, who bare all for charity.
    Closer – Sexual intrigue and mystery between four people in London
    Dangerous Liasons – Games anyone? John Malkovich has sexy ugly down pat in this one!
    Dirty Dancing – Swayze anyone? I hear the lift at the end is a surefire way to seduce a woman.
    Henry and June – Based on the sexual escapades of Anais Nin and Henry Miller in Paris. Very steamy!
    Like Water for Chocolate – Sex and cooking. It does not get much better!
    Memoirs of a Geisha – Truly a story about the art of seduction.
    Prime – A divorced woman in her 30s has a passionate relationship with a 21 year old manboy.
    Sex, lies, and videotape – James Spaeder before he became a lawyer. Great orgasm scene when the sister has her fun and tells her lover, “You can go now.”
    Shortbus – One woman’s journey into learning how to orgasm. Frolicking good fun but very offbeat.
    The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Making love on a mirror!
    Unfaithful – Terrific, taboo sex scenes between Diane Lane and her French bibliophile. The most erotic scene is when she relives their first coupling in her head going home on the train.

    Dr. Pacik

    Another therapist recommends
    9 1/2 weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger was an erotic film with some great scenes, below is a youtube clip:

    Dr. Pacik

    Amy, a clinical psychologist added this:

    The Lover, based on the book by Marguerite Duras.

    Performance, with Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, James Fox (I saw this movie about 20 when I was in my late teens/early 20s – before the days of home video rentals! Tells you something…).

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