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    Hi ladies. For those of you who have your procedure coming up in the Summer, please feel free to ask any questions at all that you may have pre-procedure. It can be anything at all from what it is like to do the dilating to what fun things there are to do in NH, Boston, and the whole New England area while you are here. I look forward to reading your posts.


    Hi Heather,
    I was thinking about going to the beach but wondering if that would be a bad idea. Im assuming you cant wear a bathing suit or go swimming right? What would you recommend that isn’t too far of a drive? Also how uncomfortable were you during the dilation process as far as embarrassment and people being around as you where learning?
    Also was wondering if there is anybody else that will be having their treatment in June??



    Hi Elaine. There are some wonderful beaches to visit while you are here. One of my favorites is Hampton Beach and it is an absolutely beautiful drive from the office there, right up the coast. I think in regards to swimming, it will be a decision for you to make while you are here. I have known several women who have been treated during the summer months and who have gone swimming during their trip without issue.

    As far as the dilating, pre-procedure, I was super, super, super nervous at the idea of having anyone being around me as I was learning and practicing doing this, including my own husband. However, to everyone’s surprise, especially my own, I felt differently once in Dr. Pacik’s clinic post-procedure. Once I woke up with the dilator in place, I removed it, and re-inserted it right back in with zero pain. This was the first time in my life that I had something inside of me at all and I was definitely in shock that it a) could be and b) didn’t hurt. It drastically changed my entire attitude and thoughts about dilating. Then, I was initially nervous about inserting, removing, and re-inserting the dilators with my husband next to me. However, with wonderful support, I decided to do this and became more and more comfortable with it. It may sound funny, but I felt like by doing this with him, it brought us even closer and helped our relationship, especially our intimacy. Forever, he had always hurt me with any attempt at penetration and he was amazed that something was able to be inside of me, removed, and re-inserted without any pain whatsoever. For me, it also helped me to trust him even more.

    As far as dilating with others in the same area, I felt like there was a tremendous amount of privacy which I loved. I could choose to either insert the dilator in the bed with the curtain very securely closed or I could go into the bathroom and insert it standing up. On the first day, I mainly practiced with the dilators in the bed with the curtain closed and on the second day, I inserted the dilators in the stand-up position in the bathroom and then returned to the bed and was covered. At that point, I chose to open the curtains and speak to another one of the patients who also had vaginismus, again the first person that I had ever met face to face that had the same condition as I. We got along so, so well and ended up talking to each other for hours and still talk to each other today. Going into it, I never thought that I would’ve felt half as comfortable as I did while I was actually there and post-procedure with the dilation as well as interactions. You are going to do so, so wonderful and I am so excited for you in this journey. Sending big hugs!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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