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    I hope this is the proper place to post this

    I’ve been seeing my gyno for 5 years and I’ve had no improvement. I know my gyno is doing everything she can and I love her very much and she has trumped all of the previous gynos that I’ve tried, so I’m sticking to her

    She is trying something new for me….

    She’s prescribed me a starter dosage of Prozac to help me relax, and a vaginal suppository of diazepam to help my muscle spasming. she hopes that this combo with the careful use of vaginal dilators will help

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried this or anything similar? Did it actually help? Have any advice for me?



    Hi Bethany! Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your post. While dilating, I tried a combo of Lidocaine and Surgilube and it worked very, very well for me. In the beginning, I felt like the Lidocaine took away any stinging or soreness that I experienced. Recently, a ton has been written about diazepam suppositories from the Maze team and they indicate that they work very well. I will share a couple of their posts (see below). Very importantly, I’m so glad you have gyno that you like. I had such a hard time in the past finding a good one that understood the condition and it’s wonderful when you find one that does. Sending you my support today.

    Aimee has written: “I also find that adding vaginal valium along with dilation can make dilation a bit easier.”

    Melissa has written: “We use Valium suppositories in our center quite often. Patients can insert them vaginally or rectally to help soften and relax the pelvic floor. Valium suppositories are only available by prescription, and they need to be made by a compounding pharmacy. I have seen good results using them in conjunction with PT and dilation. They have minimal to no side effects, and are very well tolerated. My patients are instructed to use one suppository every night for one month, and then three times a week after that for the next month if needed.”


    Hi BethanyJ,

    This sounds like a great idea. I often will prescribe a low dose SSRI to help with general anxiety while treating vaginismus and working with dilators. The diazepam suppositories will be a great adjunct as well to help relax the vaginal floor even more.

    I would consider being on the Prozac and using the diazepam for about two weeks before you start your dilation program.

    It sounds like you really trust and like your gyn. You might want to ask her if she will help you with the dilation. You can bring your dilators with you to an appointment, and she can help you learn how to insert them on your own.

    I have had many patients who have tried to do a dilation program on their own, but have been unsuccessful. But once I see them, and I insert the first dilator for them, or I work with them, and encourage them to insert the dilator, they are much more successful at home. I will even see patients once a week to help them move up in dilator size.

    Keep us updated.



    I know this post is old but I wanted to share what has helped me so much. They are a little pricy but worth every single penny of it! The link s below…. these dilators and the vaginal Valium have changed my life! I hope this helps you and anyone that finds this site!

    God bless you,
    Kyttii 💜💜💜


    Hi Kyttii, Thank you for sharing! I am so glad you found a great set of dilators. And yes the vaginal valium is very helpful. Congratulations on your success!


    Kyttii, great to hear the dilators and vaginal valium helped you – your post will give others on this forum hope and guidance! Stay awesome 🙂

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