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    After several years of struggling with vaginismus, I assumed that I would be a bundle of nerves at this point. My procedure is next week, after all. But I, oddly enough, feel nothing. I will spend this weekend packing, getting coverage for work, tying up loose ends for those days off, returning phone calls. I’ll try to buy the things that I need for that period of time (snacks, analgesics, etc). It seems like life as usual, when I really think that I should be feeling more. The numbness or lack of anxiety that I feel is somewhat disconcerting. Perhaps because I have told myself “Oh, this is just another thing I’m trying.”

    Has anybody else felt this way?


    Hi Lotus1000, I can totally relate and felt the same exact thing. I truly believed that I would be the one that it didnt work for. Especially having struggled with Vaginismus fo over 34 years and had tried everything under the sun. I think it was the eve before and definitely the morning of the procedure that I actually realized that I was having a procedure done that worked for so many and there was a possible chance that it would work for me too. And what a blessing that it did! I’m so excited for you and I promise you that this procedure will be life changing for you! Please keep us posted.


    Hi Lotus. It is perfectly normal and very common to feel like this. Everyone experiences a variance of emotions and different things prior to their procedure, from calm to nervous to excited and so on. An excellent post that talks about pre-procedure emotions includes:

    “I had the procedure done 4 months ago, I was so excited the night before that could barely had some sleep. I remember picturing myself post-procedure and being able to dilate and have intercourse, I think that helped lowering any anxiety. Please do try that, I know it will help you. My husband Nicholas and I spent 7 years trying to figure out the reason I was not able to have any kind of penetration, we went to at least 15 different doctors in 3 different states and 2 countries. Nothing helped. When we first found out about Dr. Pacik, we felt that there was hope again! However we kept giving other therapies the chance to help and let another year go by with very little improvement. It was then that we knew we had to try botox. Everything went so smoothly that we just wish we had done this earlier.” – Diana

    I am very, very excited for you and KNOW that this is going to go so good. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

    Dr. Pacik

    The Forum appears to have made a big difference for so many preparing for their treatment. With the amazing support that one can expect, gone are the days of intense fear and anxiety, now replaced with an empowered attitude knowing that so many have conquered their vaginismus. It may feel strange, but I have seen this shift during the past year, and it is all for the better. “Knowledge is power”. I know you will do well.


    I want to wish all the ladies well with your procedures today! You are in excellent care with Dr. Pacik, Janet, and all of the staff and I can’t wait to read your updates and posts. I know you will ALL do wonderful!!!! :):):)



    I was hoping somebody could help me. I am based in the uk and i went fkr an exam last week and the doc confirmed i have vaginismus…. I am booked into have botox under a GA but he has said that i am not to dilate for 2 weeks after the procedure as he does not want the botox to spread to other areas after 2 weeks i am to start dilating… I can see that all you girls dilate immediately post procedure.

    I was wondering if somebody could help. Im quite stressed to be honest. I have been dilating myself with the plastic dilators from but when i went for the exam the doc couldnt even enter a q-tip as i was tense…

    Iv ordered th glass and am hoping that when i begin to use them overnight that will helpً

    Any help advice would be greatly appreciated


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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