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    Hi ladies. A very common question that arises post-procedure is – should I dilate while on my period. I personally remember dreading my first period post-procedure as I didn’t dilate and then thought that because I didn’t, I would never be able to again. There are a series of posts that discuss this that are very helpful:

    Patient 1:
    “Are we supposed to dilate while on our cycle? It just seems like it would be kind of gross? Adversely, if we don’t, then we skip almost a full week of dilating. I’m open to all advice, comments, and suggestions.”

    Patient 2:
    “That’s a great question and I’m sure a very common one. For me personally, I skipped dilating during the first 3 days of my cycle and then resumed dilating during my last 2 days. In the beginning, I was so afraid that if I skipped any amount of time with the dilators, then I would never be able to dilate again. This wasn’t the case at all. Again, in the beginning, if it ever felt a little tightness dilating after my period, I would begin with purple and work my way up to blue. I also used a lot of lubricant.”

    Patient 3:
    “I had my cycle only 2 weeks after having procedure. However my periods are very heavy and I didn’t want to dilate. Normally my cycle last a full 6-7 days I as able to dilate after the 4th day. I didn’t seem to have much trouble with reinserting it after waiting 4 days.”

    Patient 4:
    “I started my menstrual on Day 12 Post Procedure and I decided not to dilate for the first 3 days because I have such a heavy flow. I was a little nervous about stopping because I was dilating everyday faithfully and wanted to continue with my progress. Fortunately, everything was fine when I started dilating again when my flow was a lot lighter. I started with the smaller blue silicone, which I had never even used before but I wanted to make sure that I had no pain (which I didn’t it was more anxiety than anything else). The small blue went in so quickly I forgot that I was dilating. I was nervous that I was not going to angle it right since I had not dilated in 3 whole days. It was really funny because I try to think about something else when dilating and when I got the thought in my head it was completely in!!! I had to laugh at how anxious I was about the procedure and how my body reacted to dilating again. Like I said before “I need to catch up emotionally to where I am physically.” I was able to dilate back up to the pink with no problem. Now I am on to conquering Mr. Blue and making penile penetration possible!”

    Finally, Dr. Pacik has posted on the question of whether you should dilate on your menstrual cycle:

    “It depends on how heavy the cycle is. For lighter cycles some dilation is possible, for heavier cycles skip the first few days. Even 5-10 minutes is valuable. This however is an excellent time to use a tampon. This is another form of penetration which most of my patients have been unable to use. Dr. Pacik”


    I went searching through the Forum for something related to periods and dilating. 🙂 I should be starting my period (the first one post procedure) any day now. For the first time in my life, I am excited for my period to be here! I am getting a little drained and sore from dilating and am looking forward to a little “mini break”. My first two days of my period are usually pretty heavy, so I don’t plan to dilate those two day anyways. I have read that others have still been able to dilate again after their periods, so I’m not too worried about missing the two days.

    Also, the last two nights I have woken up to sharp, stabbing pain in my vaginal area – I’m assuming caused by my dilators somehow. The first night I was sleeping with the #5 and last night was the #4, and both times I could not get comfortable again and had to take it out. I am really not sure what could be causing it but was wondering if the vaginal area might be more sensitive since I am close to starting my period? I have heard some friends say they have noticed more sensitivity around that time, so just curious if that may be what’s going on for me? Has anyone else experienced this?


    Hi Becca. I have always felt much more sensitivity with dilating and intercourse in the day immediately prior to my period and a day or 2 afterwards and then this goes away. I never dilated and I do not currently have sex on my period b/c it is very heavy but, again, in the days near it, I always experience a lot of increased sensitivity.

    I also wanted to share the following thread concerning “Dilating while on period” which also describes this sensitivity for others:

    Sending hugs!!!

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