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    Hi. I have a patient that I am treating that lives in the UK. Are there other clinics in the UK and elsewhere that use the same or a similar procedure as this clinic does?


    To do this, you could try searching online for clinics or practices in the UK that specialize in the same or a similar area of medicine, and then contacting them to inquire about their procedures and practices.


    Not sure if my first message went through because I added links to it which might not be allowed, but yes I think there are based on a quick google search “pelvic floor therapy vaginismus UK” where a bunch of clinics popped up, including some that referenced the botox procedure.

    It would be more useful to include the city that they live in in the google search instead of just UK but my first search seemed promising!



    I think there are from a quick google search: “pelvic floor therapy vaginismus UK” – several popped up including some that mention the botox procedure. However I’m not sure what city they’re in so it’d be better to include the city in the google search!



    A couple but there were tons when I googled!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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