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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new blog posted today concerning Giving up Control post-procedure.
    The blog discusses how it is not easy at all to give up control following vaginismus but, with time, it is very, very possible. The blog further discusses helpful techniques for giving up control. Excerpts include:

    “During the post procedure counseling we discuss the importance of Sensate Focus Exercises to learn what type of touch is desirable and what is not OK. If not familiar with this valuable exercise view the professional films by This will give the two of you greater confidence in exploring a variety of “safe” loving bonding experiences.

    Try a variety of “sexy” positions having your honey insert the dilator. Use the smaller dilators for this so as not to get scared with the larger ones. Use your imagination as to what would be erotic and sexy. Our new Liv vibrating dildo (made by Lelo company) is perfect for this because it is thinner and the vibrations are gentle yet still erotic. Think the “insane” and “over the top”. This is so hard to do, but so valuable in making the progress that will allow you to feel like a complete woman.

    Visit the Forum and do a search for “control” A number of posts come up. There are many more ways of introducing variety. Try “dress up”, use the shower/bath to dilate and have fun, watch a sexy movie while dilating, use a different part of your home, go outside and get private. Try different positions. It is endless what can be fun and every step of the way you will find the control issues melting away. It takes time, do not be discouraged, but do experiment. If you think of something that would be helpful to others please post on the Forum. We all have imagination and can help each other.”

    I found this to be very challenging in the beginning with my husband but the more we practiced, I became more and more comfortable and trusted him that much more and the control issues became less and less. I encourage you to read this new blog and would welcome your comments and feedback here.

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