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    Hello friends!
    I finally had the procedure this last Monday. I went from missing my classes and not sleeping a wink prior to the procedure to being unrecognizably calm. I arrived in Manchester late Saturday night and explored a bit Sunday. Monday morning I couldn’t breath my nerves were so bad. When I arrived at Dr. Paciks, each of the staff introduced themselves and got me settled in a gown and bed with an electric blanket. I was the first of three girls getting the procedure that day and I thought I would faint before Dr. Pacik had a chance to exam me. Honestly the worst part pre-procedure was getting an IV! The anesthesiologist was able to locate my vein in one try and told me what he was doing before he did anything. When I went into the operating room I was covered again with a warm blanket and placed my legs in the stirrups. My husband was right beside me and Dr. Pacik made sure to talk me through everything. The funny thing was the staff was playing 80’s music in the operating room which surprisingly helped me relax. The pre procedure examination went really smoothly. Dr. Pacik was patient and gentle and after it was done they sedated me. When I woke up I was very groggy and felt like I needed to pee. I didn’t realize it was already over! It wasn’t until I stood up to go to the bathroom that I realized I had the largest and blue dilator in! I couldn’t feel a thing! Before the procedure I couldn’t insert a tampon without horrible pain. Anyways, I might have not quit woken up yet when I went the the bathroom because the dilator fell right out! After cleaning it I easily reinserted it and went back to my bed. I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t stop grinning. I twisted the dilator and reinserted it a couple of times with ease before transitioning to the smaller pink dilator. Unfortunately, I had reddish blonde hair and extremely fair skin and genetically pain killers move right through me. After only two hours I began to feel pain. However, it was not the unbearable pain I was used too, just uncomfortable and sore like I had been riding my bike. (On a side note, I had a negative response to the lidocane numbing cream used on the dilators that caused the worst pain. Once I was given a lidocane free lubricant things went much smoother. I was scared no one would believe my pain was coming from the lube and not the surgery, but Ellen took good care of me and got me settled and relaxed with a different one. Now when I use the dilators I use organic coconut oil. It stays moist and doesn’t dry out and also helps with vaginal dryness.) After lunch we practiced with the dilators some more and had a chance to talk to the other patients and Dr. Pacik. It was really helpful to talk to the others girls and to know I wasn’t alone. I was really nervous to talk to the others girls, but it was not weird and definitely comforting. I went back to the hotel with the purple dilator in. Later in the day my anxiety (mostly exhaustion from the time difference and no sleep) led me to have an anxiety attack which increased my pain levels. I called Dr. Paciks office and they were wonderful. They prescribed me some stronger pain meds to help me get through the first few days. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Dr. Paciks team was in taking care of me. I am only a few days post procedure and only able to dilate to a purple but I feel like I have accomplished so much. Thank you to everyone who gave me words of comfort. I am so grateful for the listening ears and kind thoughts.


    Hi Kate. I just returned from celebrating our anniversary this past weekend and am so, so happy to hear everything went well. I was thinking of you all day on the day of your procedure. I am so ecstatic that it went well and am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished!!!! Sending big hugs!!! :):):)


    Hi Kate, I’m so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your day with us so that we could celebrate with you! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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