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    Hi all. In several recent posts it has been noted that one thing that helps in transitioning up a dilator size as well as transitioning to intercourse is moving the dilators. Specifically, Melissa has written:

    “I would move the fourth dilator around, side to side, and in and out. The more you can move the fourth dilator around, you will stretch the introitus, and further manipulate the muscles, and make more room for the fifth dilator.”

    I found an excellent resource that I also wanted to share from a Physical Therapist that commented on the importance of moving the dilators. Specifically, Heather Jeffcoat has written:

    “In my approach, I believe that simply inserting a dilator for 10 minutes at a time isn’t the best way to stretch these muscles. Think about other muscles in your body…would you stretch your neck and hold it for 10 minutes? I don’t believe your vaginal/pelvic floor muscles should be treated any differently than other muscles in your body. They will respond quicker if you approach them more like they are muscles (because they are). I’ve outlined a series of stretches you can do, in an order that gets the muscles responding quickly to the dilators, in my book.

    I’m a physical therapist and use my orthopedic background to get women’s muscles quickly on a healing path and pushing past plateaus such as the one you have reached. Since you’ve mainly been inserting and holding, there are many other ways you can use your dilators that will likely lead to you achieving pain-free intercourse as well. I would try these out and you will likely achieve your goals.”

    While dilating after my Botox procedure, I remember that moving the dilators in and out (mimicking the thrusting motion) really, really helped when transitioning to intercourse with my husband.

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