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    Hello forum…I received this message this weekend, and with my patients permission she let me share with the forum. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.


    After years of prayers, doctor after doctor after doctor…physical therapy, psycho therapy, hypnotherapy, etc. etc. etc. Happy to report that after 9.3 years of marriage my husband and I finally had sex yesterday!!!! We have been praying for this for so long and nothing seemed to work. This last round of physical therapy (using dialators and going to see a PT every other week) lasted for about a year until we finally made the decision with the encouragement of our current PT to get the Botox procedure. She recommended a Dr. here in California but I really wanted to come to Maze because I had learned and read about Dr. Pacik’s procedure close to the beginning of my struggle with Vaginismus. We decided to go and at least do a consultation with the Dr. in California because it would cost us about 1/2 the price and save on money for Hotel and flights to New York. In the weeks leading up to my consultation I googled “Vaginismus and Botox” and found myself on the maze women’s forum reading success story after
    success story about women who had been treated at Maze and read how every single woman described how therapeutic the process was from intake to eventual success. There were no reviews regarding the Dr. in Cali and when I called, her staff did not seem informed about the process. They quoted me different prices, told me I would have to buy my own Botox and research where to get it, were unable to give me an approximate estimate of how much the Botox would cost. The ONLY reasons I thought to give them a shot was to save money and because I LOVE my current PT and trusted her recommendation. I figured well maybe thats just her staff I will do the consult with her, check her out and then make a decision. A week prior to my scheduled consultation in Cali the Dr. office cancelled our appointment and said they wouldnt be able to reschedule it until June. I was so distraught because we had built up so much anticipation. However, the tears left as fast as they came when I thought to myself… why am I trippin? This must just be a sign from God (because clearly I wasnt listening to any of the other obvious signs) that I am supposed to go to Maze and not even spend the $350 consultation fee In Cali. I called my husband to try to convince him that we needed to go to Maze and as soon as I told him what happened he was like: Okay no problem. Lets just go to New York. I didnt even need to convince him! I got off the phone with him and immediately called you guys on April 13th. Everyone was extremely helpful and compassionate. I am sooooooo happy that I came to Maze because I think my confindence in your treatment program was also really important to my success. I followed your after treatment protocol (the most consistent Ive ever been with dilating)… dilating everyday seemed a bit rigorous but I was like if Melissa recommend it then Im doing it! LOL. The last week leading up to finally having sex was a world wind of emotions because we had a difficult time transitioning and I was scared it just wasnt going to happen for us. I wanted to give up and just rest emotionally and physically… if it wasnt for the confidence that I had in your treatment program I definitely would have been like why am I putting myself through this… its not going to work… Ive been duped! I knew it was too good to be true! I would have quit like Ive done countless times before. I kept reminding myself of all of the advice others have shared on the forum…just keep being consistent….it will eventually happen for you just like it has for all of the countless woman who have been treated at Maze. So I decided to sleep with the pink dilator in all night and try to have sex in the morning. The next morning my husband removed the pink dilator and after some thrusting to try to get inside my husband was like Im definitely In farther than Ive been before. I couldnt really feel him though except when he thrusted so I wasnt convinced he was in. I guess I just couldnt believe it because its been so long and I didnt want to have false hopes! I was able to feel only about an inch of his penis outside of me (sorry if TMI) and I STILL wasnt convinced that he was in until
    He pulled out and for some reason I felt ALL of that! We were soooooo happy. We literally sobbed into each others arms! Its been nine freakin years and some change…. I feel like a whole woman again! I have hope again that I can finally have babies! I am so elated! Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa and Maze! Sorry for the suuuuuuuuper long message I am just overjoyed! I always looked at Botox as a last resort but now wish I would have tried it sooner! Wanted to make sure to let you know the good news! We are planning to re-do our honeymoon. I see babies in our future!!!


    This is the sweetest most amazing & heartwarming story! I love her excitement! I can relate! So happy her husband was like “NYC? no big deal” and she was able to follow her gut feeling & come to Maze :-). Re-doing her honeymoon sounds like the perfect way to celebrate 🙂

    Thanks soo much for sharing!


    Melissa, thanks so much for sharing this story with us! I recogized a lot of familiar moments that reminded me of my own vaginismus journey, and I’m so glad to hear that this woman and her husband are receiving such a wonderful payoff for all their hard work! I hope they are able to have all the children they want to have!


    Hey Melissa,
    Thank you so much for sharing this story with us it is very helpful or informative.

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