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    Hi ladies. There have been so many wonderful success stories shared this past year. One in particular has been the joy of being able to have spontaneous intercourse without dilating first. Dr. Pacik has written an excellent Blog about two types of “success” stories post-vaginismus treatment.

    Excerpts include:

    “The goal of not only achieving intercourse, but having a wonderful sexual relationship is a difficult journey for most vaginismus patients. Painful sex is a drag, no sex is even worse. Most of my patients who are treated with the Botox program for vaginismus are undeveloped sexually. Little wonder. How do you gain experience if you can’t do it? Of interest is that I get two types of “success” stories. The first is when they have had penile penetration, and this is monumental for most of my patients, the second is when they have had “sex”. Both types of emails are filled with joy and disbelief. As a tabulate my data, I count painless intercourse as an important end point in the successful treatment of vaginismus (dilation to the larger dilators for those who are single). Yet my patients make an important distinction noting that the physical (penetration) is different than the spiritual (great sex). So what is great sex? For some it is the orgasm of either partner. For others it is the joy of feeling good even if there is no orgasm. Others equate successful sex with pregnancy. Yet others feel that unless both partners climax at the same time, it is not entirely successful. Such a wide range of emotions…”

    Being able to have spontaneous intercourse without dilating first is monumental. For the veteran patients reading this, what were your experiences with spontaneous sex post-procedure? Do you have any further tips for patients who are thinking of trying sex without dilating in advance?

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