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    I currently had the Botox treatment done along with a hymenectomy ( I had a septated hymen) 2 weeks ago in Australia.

    I didn’t wake up with a dilator as you would do here. I saw my gyno for a follow up & she was able to insert a finger which was great news as before it was a struggle to even insert a qtip!

    I went home & began to dilate & I was able to to fit in the largest size of my synthetic dilator set. I then began to use the plastic dilator set as it has bigger sizes & was able to get most of it in, but I experienced a huge burning sensation & it had pink discharge on it. Is this normal to feel pain? How long should I keep dilating for?

    I have been married for almost 2 years now & I am hoping I can overcome this.

    Although I have had the Botox, is it still normal to feel burning sensation during dilation?


    Hi Blueberry88 – sorry for such a delayed response to your question, but burning (and pink discharge) after dilating are EXTREMELY normal. The burning feeling is just your vagina’s muscles getting stretched and getting used to the sensation of being penetrated – think about how it feels to work out hard and then feel sore the next day. Super normal and part of the process! Hope you’re long past this feeling by now!


    Hi hello!!

    Also sorry for a delayed response but I wanted you to know that I completely agree with recessivegenequeen’s response; it’s completely normal to have a burning feeling after dilation (including next day, etc.) so continue to go at it! Congrats on making this huge progress – I’m sure with determination and continuing to dilate daily or so, the burning sensation will lessen and your vagina muscles will be used to the penetration 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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