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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new blog posted today about the transition to intercourse and how important it is to dilate beforehand.

    First, one of my top questions to Dr. Pacik immediately following the procedure was when could we expect to have intercourse. I could successfully dilate with the largest dilators (pain-free) and I remember him saying whenever you feel ready for this. I used the dilators 2-3 hours religiously for the full week and also slept with the medium purple dilator (pure romance) every other night and we transitioned only 7 days after the procedure.

    The blog thoroughly covers this and an excerpt includes:
    “I have found that the motivation factor and the ability to have open, clear communication with your partner are very important. I also cannot stress enough the importance of dilating every day and especially before any attempts to have intercourse. I always tell my patients, “The dilator is your best friend.” When patients use their dilators religiously, there is a very high rate of success in achieving pain free intercourse.”

    I encourage you to read it and would love to hear your comments regarding your own transition to intercourse? Did dilating in advance help you with the transition? What else could you suggest that may help future patients with the transition from dilators to intercourse?

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