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    Hi there,

    I am still fairly new to the forum, so am not sure if there’s already a posting about this that I’ve missed. A lot of the stories that I’ve been reading and hearing talk about many women who have attended the procedure and gone through the journey with supporting husbands/boyfriends by their side – which is great!

    I wonder if there are any single women out there out there who are willing to share their experience? At 32, I date quite a bit, but don’t really allow myself to get too close and definitely have never felt comfortable enough to reveal my vaginismus status with anyone that I’ve dated. A couple of guys have noted after knowing me for a while that I’m great to be with, but that as the relationship progresses, it feels to them like I “put walls up”. In the back of my mind, I think “you have no idea what kind of walls I have up”.

    My procedure is booked for early July, and I would love to hear about experiences from other women who were single at the time of the procedure, and after while they struggled to figure out if botox worked for them. How did you deal with potential partners that don’t necessarily know what you’ve been through, escape plans that they used etc…


    Hello there!
    Congratulations on booking your treatment! I had the procedure done last September (2011) and by November I has having painless penetration. I am not single, but I began enjoying spontaneous intercourse in May 2012. I am so happy to realize that dilating prior to intercourse is now optional. My point is, you will eventually get to the day that you will feel comfortable dating knowing that you are completely functional and there are no more ‘walls up’. You are in the right path of overcoming vaginismus, Dr. Pacik and his staff are just the best!!


    i’m not married, my partner lives 600 miles away. I have always told guys that I have vaginismus, and the right one will stick around.

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