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    Hi all. One common complaint associated with vaginismus is lack of desire. In the recent Winter 2015 Newsletter, there is a great discussion of the new drug for female sexual desire, Addyi.
    Excerpts from the newsletter include:

    “Addyi (the new drug for female sexual desire) has been out now for a month and the reaction has been interesting to watch. It has certainly not been the blockbuster that Viagra was, but really, no one expected it to be. The unusual hoops that the FDA has imposed on women seeking the drug has certainly been a deterrent to using it. This is the only drug we know of that requires the prescribers to complete a “test”, and that requires the pharmacist dispensing it to have a consent signed.

    One would think, looking at these restrictions, that the drug must be unusually dangerous or concerning. But no one “in the know” really believes that, so it is both striking and puzzling. We’ve prescribed it now to almost 20 patients. The verdict is still out on how it’s working, but none have experienced any of the concerning side effects. We are delighted to get to try the drug at the same time as we are using behavioral and educational techniques, since we really believe that is the only way it’s going to work.”

    There is further a link to stay tuned to the Blog and Newsletter from Maze Women’s Sexual Health for the latest updates on their patients’ experience with Addyi:



    I have been prescribing Addyi since it was first on the market in October. I do feel that it can be a great medication for some women. I am seeing good results with some of my patients, and it is worth looking into if you feel you are struggling with low sexual desire.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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