3 years of vaginismus cured within 15 days after Botox

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    WOW! It’s so great to be in successful story. Hello ladies, congratulations to all of you who got success after Botox treatment. And I wanted to give my best wishes to other who’s thinking to get it done.. Botox treatment really changed my life. I’m so proud of myself that I decided to get it done. After being failure with so many treatments I was at the point that I always feel I would never be able to have a intercourse. I have spend so many nights blaming myself for not being able to do the things I want.for not being able to do the thing that every women would do around me.vaginismus Was playing really negative role in my life. I wasn’t able to use tampons or anything. intercourse was impossible I would not even think about it. I used to get so scared to even talk about it . And being a women this is really painful to be unable to do things every women would do. I was mentally and emotionally depressed. I’m just so glad that I have really loving and caring husband who supported me for everything. It wasn’t easy for both of us but he keep saying me that he will be always there for me and we will find the treatments that would works . He never forced me to do anything. And I always feel bad for him.after a long research one day my husband said he find the treatment which was Botox for vaginismus and success rate is pretty high we both read all successful stories together he said I should give a try. I told him we have tried so many treatments and nothing works . I had loosened my hope. every time we try something it always fails. He was doing so much for me so I thought I should give a try and next day I call Maze Women’s Health. And I made an appointment for next Month which was for April 29th on Monday 2019. I was really scared not because i was worried with surgery but I was worried this may not work like any other treatments. I read all those successful stories again and again. Deep somewhere in my mind I was still thinking I would never be on successful stories and this is not gonna work for me.my husband got some family problem at the same time of my surgery date so he had to go out of town for some time I was more nervous because I had to go through this by myself. He was texting and calling to make me feel comfortable.after surgery Everything went well I was in sleep so I didn’t feel any pain. When I woke up I had the largest size of dilator inside me #6 the pink one. I was like wait. What? is this really happening? I was really happy I swear for the first time I feel like nothing is wrong with me and my body. I’m capable for the thing that I would only dream about. It wasn’t painful or burned.I had some discomfort and soreness after I got home but it wasn’t that bad.. This treatment is really worthy and soo much effective and I recommend Botox to all my girls out there who’s suffering. don’t think too much trust me.Maze Women’s Health can save your life. Melissa and her stuff are so great I told her that I’ll be in debt to her for my entire life she’s an angel for me. I just can’t thank her enough.after my procedure I followed dilation schedule closely. It wasn’t easy at all but this time I decided not give up no matter what. I didn’t care if it was painful at the beginning but I didn’t stop. Now it was my goal to get cured I slept with the blue #4 dilators every night it was slightly discomfort at the beginning but it went away after a week so I moved on purple #5 again I feel some discomfort for some days and again went away I was now able to sleep with purple one #5. When I get so much comfortable with purple one I decided to give a try with pink #6 honestly I was really scared it was the biggest size. I use lots of lubricant and try to insert it burned i feel some soreness so I stopped. Every time I failed inserting the pink one I remember one thing that melissa told me on my procedure day she said sometimes things could get tricky don’t worry if you couldn’t able to insert the larger size you can always dilated with below size until you are comfortable to move one size big and ones your husband get home you will be like pro her words really inspired me I tried it next day again and this time I dilated with purple one #5 for an hour and I try pink one with lots of lubricant it took about 15 minutes to get in through all the way but it wasn’t that painful. slightly discomfort and soreness is normal I knew it will be fine by the time I learned this from previous dilators size. after 15 days of my treatments I was so confident that I can have pain free intercourse. When my husband got back we decided to give a try before that I dilated with pink for an hour and when I feel comfortable we tried to have intercourse he was able to insert fully it was not painful at all. It was amazing 😉 I cry a lot he stopped and say I’m so sorry if I hurt you I told him not at all I’m not crying because it’s painful I’m just soo happy this is really happening and it’s painless. Trust me I couldn’t sleep all night I was that happy I have noted that day on my calendar. We are both really happy with each other life seems soo much better now and I feel completed.I emailed melissa next morning she was really happy for me. If you are thinking to get this treatment done just go for it you won’t regret. It will be really worth trying. If you want To ask anything please feel free to ask I’ll be really happy to help.✌️😊


    Thank you for sharing your story. So inspirational! It’s so helpful for women dealing with the same issues to see success stories like this.


    Sandhya, congratulations!!! I was so deeply moved to hear your story. It was a lot like mine (a successful botox treatment at maze followed by intercourse less than 3 weeks later – even the tears during the first time because I couldn’t believe it was really happening). I am so elated for you and your own joy radiates from your story. This is just the beginning of a new relationship you can begin building with your husband now that you’ve overcome this huge hurdle. Good luck in the coming days and keep with it! You’ve worked hard and done an amazing job!!!


    Thank you so much for this post Sandhya. You did most of the work! I was so happy to help and be your guide through the process.



    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I am so so soooooooooo happy for you. It’s insanely inspirational and will really help others who are considering botox or calling Maze – it will help them make their decision to change their lives!



    Thank you so much for the story, very happy for you
    I have vaginismus
    I found out about when I got married and it took us 1 year to find the doctor will accept to give a sugery to lose my virginity because first we thought it is because I have very thick hymen.. I had it after 1 year of marriage and yes the doctor said I have a thick hymen

    When we tried to have sex, we couldn’t do the intercourse…the it took us 3 months to find the doctor that know what’s wrong with me

    I am using the dilators and I have 3 sizes left
    I stopped many times but now I decided to continue no matter what

    Can you send me the dilation schedule you were following


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