Hi millkait. This is a very good question. It sounds like you have met a truly wonderful guy. I am not sure when I would bring it up. My husband and I discovered my vaginismus together so it wasn’t an issue of me having to tell him. For other single gals reading this, what do you think?

I e-mailed and became friends with one of Dr. Pacik’s previously treated patients who was also single. Prior to her procedure, she said she was talking to a very nice guy but did not want to bring up the whole vaginismus topic. She traveled to NH and had her procedure. Following this, she dilated regularly and became very serious with him. She then was able to have pain-free intercourse with him and never had to even bring up the fact that she had previously had vaginismus. This would’ve been my ideal situation prior to meeting my now husband. Please, please know that this can happen for you to millkait! I am here for you always and know exactly what you are going through right now!!! Hugs!!!