Dr. Pacik

I think the most terrifying thing for women coming in for treatment is the idea of dilating post procedure. This seems to be more upsetting than the thought of having intercourse some day. Usually three patients are treated the same day. Most are able to wake up with a large dilator in place and most can easily be discharged from the clinic with a medium #4 dilator which is maintained over night. This is where any similarity between patients ends. The following morning patients are asked to advance to the #5 dilator. Many are able to do this, some can’t and some need to regress to the #3 or smaller. As Amanda mentioned there is no pressure, only support. I have no concerns regarding a patients progress, because everyone has the chance to be successful given a long enough time period. In my world every woman is a champion because they are trying. Dilation to the larger sizes can be quick, for others it can take a month. Intercourse is achieved within a week or two for some, for others it can take months or even a year or more. As long as dilation continues it makes no difference if the goals are achieved while the Botox is active (4 months) or if it is no longer active.
Thanks Amanda for this important post. Perhaps some of our future patients will be less apprehensive as a result.