Quote from Leena on April 4, 2015, 07:53
Hi, Hoorayitsamanda. Thanks so much for your encouraging post. I am scheduled for my procedure on May 4th, so your words are particularly helpful to me. Were you scared to use the dilators before you had the procedure? You mention that you couldn’t even wear a small tampon previously without pain and discomfort. I’ve never even been able to insert anything at all. It sounds like you may be a bit braver than I am. Best wishes to you and your husband in your renewed life! Michele

Hi there!! I’m so glad to hear you’re having the procedure done! I was definitely nervous about using the dilators. I tried tampons on several occasions and they were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t handle it. In the beginning, I was a wreck emotionally but after a while I got to the point where it was less emotional and just frustrating my body wasn’t working right. Dr Pacik and the staff will make you feel so comfortable and will not pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do or can’t — but I promise you will be so proud of yourself for the progress you will make! The #6 will be in you when you wake up and when you realize you’re not only able to have it in but also move it in and out of your body, it will blow your mind. As someone on the other side of the procedure, I promise you have nothing to fear. I’m so happy and proud of you – please let us know how it goes!!