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Hi 4us,

As I’m sure Dr P warned you about during your sessions, it is usual to have temporary setbacks, so please don’t get dispondant that you are having a tougher day dilating. I have had some days where dilation is fine, then the next day it is much harder and I can’t insert the larger ones… I’ve found that whilst there are still ups and downs, I have become much more constant in my ability to dilate (I’m not about a month post procedure). Also, especially just after Dr P’s ‘botox bootcamp’ (!) you have had a lot of ‘traffic’ (as he likes to call it!) down there, so it may be that your body just needs a little rest. I actually found that when I got home from the procedure dilation was much harder than at Dr P’s, even though the botox had kicked in by then… I even had to get the little blue dilator out because once I couldn’t even insert the purple – I had a bit of a panic, but it just required a lot of dedication and patience, and now I can insert the larger no7 without much discomfort! So keep going, you’ll be fine!