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Hi Wheat_bag,

I got it done in Hawkes Bay, by Dr Danielle Waxman at Central CosMedic Ltd. Even though I was living in Wellington at the time. I definitely think it helped. But its often a combination of stuff, physio (dilators once its healed) , massage or natural topical moisturisers.

There are a few in Auckland that do it too. I looked at people providing the O shot and then asked if they would inject in into the scar. The good thing about Danielle she was actually a GP before she went into cosmetics.

They are pretty spendy just to let you know! Its about $1000 an injection, and they reccommended 3, 6 weeks apart. You need to find out what might be driving it. Get checked for thrush too.
Managing pelvic floor tension and skin healing is really important, seeing a good dermatologist might be good, although I prefer natural stuff as feel like the medicated stuff never worked for me.
If you’ve never seen a physio I would do that first.

If you are in Wellington Heather Hickey at Habit Health is an excellent physio. As Liz Childs is good.

I might get some it done again here, ive just moved back to the UK.

All the best!!