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Hi ds20030
I love everything recessivegenequeen said! But there are lots of ways you can make penetrative sex more fun! My fave way is a vibrating penis ring! That way my clit is involved in penetrative sex as well and it’s sooo much better! My husband doesn’t mind at all! And yes, unfortunately we will always have up-keep for those muscles but it is a small price to pay for no longer having to deal with vaginismus. I once went 2 weeks without penetration and once we did it, it was pretty difficult and then I was in some pain afterwards. My Husband and I usually have sex 2 to 3 times a week so that’s my dilating schedule, basically. But I still have my dilator set, even after 3 years, just in case! Congratulations on becoming cured!! That is huge!! Sex is a learning curve at first, but just give it some time and some experimenting and you’ll find ways that will include you in all the mind blowing fun!