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Hi LPoppy! Congratulations on all your hard work and success with dilating!! I second everything Jennifer said. When I overcame vaginismus and began intercourse, it was odd for a while. Things certainly weren’t hot and heavy haha. Dilating beforehand is very important, and you will reach a point where it no longer becomes necessary, but for now it will help your body prepare for pain free sex! And lube!! Still to this day, 2 years free of vaginismus and having regular intercourse, I still use lube. It certainly doesn’t hurt to make sure you are completely protected against unfriendly friction. What I also found helpful, and of course this is totally up to you, but I found that using a penis ring that has a vibrator for your clit is really helpful! It makes intercourse fun, especially during the beginning of your new sex life! I hope this helps! Keep us updated 🙂