Hey girk congratulations on all your hard work!! Good for you attempting intercourse! I’m sorry it was painful. I think it’s a good idea to withstand from sex until you can easily dilate with the largest size. Only because sex will be way more fun if it doesn’t hurt! As for bleeding, I’m wondering if it could be micro tears. When you’re stretching and dilating, that could happen. If it doesn’t go away soon, I’d go get an exam just to make sure there’s no damage to your tissues. I know it’s super tempting and I know how excited you are, especially with how far you’ve come! But my best advice would be to get examined by a doctor, and hold off on sex until dilating is easy breezy! And if you’re scared to get an exam, you can ask for Valium and the smallest speculum. I do that every time I go, my gynecologist knows my history with vaginismus and is very understanding. They can also use lidocaine on you too! It’s so quick, like 1 minute tops! Again, congratulations on all your hard work and diligence! You’re kicking butt!!