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Congratulations!! Progress has no constant speed, it is different for everyone. But it is still progress and that is amazing! Making the decision to tackle this condition and go down this road is a huge step! I’ve been there, done that and it isn’t an easy road. But achievable! What I found helpful with dilating was Googling yoga stretches for pelvic tension and your pelvic floor muscles. They’re easy to do on the floor, on your carpet or a yoga mat! Also, theres a breathing technique that opens up your vagina by breathing deeply, and slowly in through your mouth, filling up your stomach with oxygen and not your lungs. When your stomach is at it’s highest and you can’t take anymore air in, insert your dilator. Once inserted, you may exhale slowly and allow every part of your body to relax and at this point you can slide your dilator out, but not all the way. Before you slide it back in, fill your belly. When you slide it out, exhale. This breathing technique helped me so much. I hope it helps you! Good luck, girl! You got this!