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    Hi everyone,

    I self diagnosed myself to have Vaginismus, over two years ago but never really had the courage to seek help or even bother to look into it. Looking back now I really wished I had looked into it, I just thought my diagnosis was not real and with time I’ll be able to have penetration, so always slipped it at back of my head and carried life as normal. Fast forward a year, I got married and still no success with penetration just ample amounts of pain, agony and frustration. I would always always always tense up as much I tried to relax.

    Prior to our marriage, my husband knew about my condition and we would always make up for in other ways, he’s always been very supportive and I can’t even begin to fathom how annoying it must be for him too, though he never complains and instead reassures me we will get there & theres no rush, I just feel like I cannot give him the whole of me or rather give him the whole experience, just a sense of guilt that I now carry with myself. Hence why I plucked up my courage to finally do something about this troublesome condition. I researched, and brought a set of 5 dilators online and gave them a try! It’s not even been a full week and I’m on my #4 dilator! Though the first 2 went in very easily (which I knew they would, as they close to the same length as a finger size, I used to put a finger in daily and my partner used to finger me too). While I was on my #3 dilator and went deep inside my vaginal canal I noticed when removing my dilator, a solid white clumps of yeast stuck on the dilator, not a lot at all, just probably one 2cm size of clump of yeast. Further, to my curiosity I went on to do a full inspection of my vagina outside and did not see any redness or sign of an infection on the external part nor am I experiencing any discharge, itching or irritation. So I am left very confused, I’m not sure how I got it? is it normal to experience some yeast deep down there? Externally theres nothing there! Anyway, I ignored it for a day and carried on with #4 and would see small white little bits now and one big cluster again, I then decided to put finger in deep inside and I could feel the yeast only further up all clumped and coming out when I was dilating and some parts could feel a bit dry and yeast stuck on to the walls of the canal, I could also move it around d and take it out with my finger! Super Gross I know.
    I was thinking of getting OTC medications for the yeast infection as it seems like it’s mild or shall I let it pass? Do I also continue to dilate? I was making real good progress with my vaginismus and now I feel a bit disheartened that I may have a set back because of this.

    (Also on a side note I am very careful with hygiene and making sure I wash my dilators and myself before and after! So not sure how bacteria snuck in, if it did to disrupt my vaginal flora!)

    Any advice, will be appreciated! Thank you.


    First off congratulations on the amazing progress you have already made with dilation. The first step is the hardest.

    It’s not unusual to sometimes get an infection of some kind after initiating dilation therapy. The vagina is being introduced to something new, and that can throw off the normal flora and either yeast or bacterial vaginosis can occur.

    However, I’m not 100% sure you do have a yeast infection, as usually yeast infections are very uncomfortable and accompanied by irritation and itching.

    I wonder if what you are seeing is just normal vaginal discharge mixed up with what ever lubricant you are using.

    The vagina should have discharge, that is normal, and it will change in color and texture with your cycle. Sometimes it’s really white and creamy, other times more clear and sticky.

    The best option is to see a women’s health provider to have a swab taken to make sure you truly have an infection. Since you are able to dilate, you should be able to tolerate a qtip insertion to take a sample.

    I usually don’t recommend taking an over counter yeast product if you don’t have any discomfort and itching associated with the discharge.

    If your only symptom is the discharge, with no itch, redness, discomfort, or irritation. I’d make sure you have a yeast infection before using anything over the counter.

    Sometimes the treatments can make the vaginal flora worse if you don’t truly have an infection.

    And if you see someone, they can prescribe the yeast infection oral medication, which works really well and is not as messy as the vaginal creams that you can buy otc.

    Hope this helps. Melissa


    Hi Mazemelissa,

    Thank you for your reply! You’re right I’m unsure to what it is. I previously had a yeast infection going back 3 years or so, and that was definitely painful & had all the symptoms that come with. However when I was examining what was deep embedded in my vagina, It definitely had the same texture and smell (bread, flour smell), so that’s why I’m so convinced it is yeast that I’m seeing, but I will definitely seek some help. It’s a bit difficult as I’m in the US at the moment, but I’m originally from the UK. So I can’t really pop into my GP, but will try and explore options here and I agree with you I won’t be taking OTC medications until I know for sure what it is, do you think I should still carry on dilating, or should stop until I figure what it is down there?

    Just also wanted to add there is not a lot of it at all, only a bit comes out when dilating but the outside of my vagina looks fine and no there no yeast like discharge at all.


    I do think it is still ok to dilate.
    If there is a planned parenthood in your area they can examine you and give you treatment.
    Even a walk in urgent care might be able to help.

    They do sell over the counter test strips to check for yeast and BV. They aren’t the most accurate way to detect infection, but if it’s normal, might make you less worried.


    Hi Pollystash!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on beginning your dilation treatments!! That is a huge step!! I’m so glad you have a supportive Husband, that makes this journey so much easier 🙂 I second what Melissa said. Yeast infections are painful, and you may see some swelling and redness of the opening of your vagina if you’ve looked at it in a mirror. I too have gotten disharge after dilation and like Melissa said, it is your disharge mixed with whatever lube you’re using and it always comes out chunky haha! But it never hurts to go to the doctors if you are worried! If you do not feel pain, I wouldn’t think it is an infection. I’ve had many yeast infections and every one of them has hurt.
    I’d also like to say, you are so brave for exploring up there with your finger and really trying to understand and care for your body. You are going to do just fine on this journey! 🙂 Good luck, I hope you don’t have an infection and please do keep us updated on your vaginismus recovery and ask us all the questions you want! We’re here for you 🙂


    Hi all,

    As an update, it all cleared up whatever it was! I’ve been dilating and I’ve not had any occurrences of the white clumps stuck on my dilators again! Thank you so much Melissa and Heather for your advice and support, it really is a tough journey but I am confident I will overcome my vaginismus soon and I cannot thank Maze enough for creating this community space where women all around the world are able to connect and share their experiences, helps me tremendously with my mental health and knowing I am not alone in this, so HUGE shout out to Maze Women’s Health!

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