What treatments did you research and/or try prior to receiving your Botox treatment for vaginismus?

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    Hi ladies. I suffered with the worst form of Pacik level 5 primary vaginismus for several years prior to discovering and later receiving Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment program. I could never even insert a q-tip without the fear, pain, and resistance response. It literally felt like I was hitting a wall every time I tried to insert anything. As you all know and understand, this caused a great deal of distress and was very difficult to go through as my husband and I were the only ones who knew of my condition. During this period, I would research a lot for different treatments and I came across one treatment in NYC that was advertised all over the internet. I contacted their office and inquired about their treatment and was told it would cost $10,000.00 and this did not include the cost of flight and hotel. This was many, many years ago. In contact with some new patients now, I have been told they received quotes of it costing $13,000.00. My hubby and I spent so many years trying and failing at different treatments (i.e. PT, using dilators on my own with the workbook, etc.) while always having the fallback of … maybe if we save and save, we can afford the $10,000 treatment. In thinking about it now, it was really ridiculous. Dr. Pacik’s treatment program for vaginismus should be the very FIRST treatment that one discovers when searching the term – vaginismus. It is the one true cure and was our answer after several years of struggling with vaginismus. We were able to have pain-free intercourse within 1 week of this treatment.

    For couples out there reading this, please know that this treatment is affordable and entirely doable right now. It isn’t the $10,000 or now $13,000 cost that other treatments are and is considerably less and also either covered in full or in part by health insurance, which is so important. If your hesitant on having this procedure because you are unsure how you can afford it, please contact Dr. Pacik’s insurance coordinator, Diane Tremblay, and she will be able to truly help you. She has helped so many women with this condition and knows the ins and outs and components necessary for receiving coverage. To speak to Diane, you can contact Dr. Pacik’s office.

    For the veterans who have received treatment, what else did you try prior to this treatment and what were the results? Also, if you feel comfortable, could you share with others if you received insurance coverage for this treatment and the affordability of it? I look forward to reading your posts.


    Prior to the treatment with Dr. Pacik, I had tried what felt like everything under the sun. I had done physical therapy, biofeedback, etc. I had suffered from vaginismus for 7 years prior to the treatment. However, doing the treatment was the best thing that ever happened to me. My treatment cost (not including flight and hotel, of course) was $5250, and insurance reimbursed me $3756. This was a HUGE help for me. The only reason I saw a reimbursement was because Diane Tremblay fought hard for many hours with my insurance company until they paid the proper portion of the claim. She is worth every penny, as is the treatment!!!!!

    Note: Even if you do not get the procedure covered under insurance, I can assure you it will be the best money you have ever spent. It will relieve so much pain and bring so much happiness into your life. I would have paid three times the amount if I had to.


    I had done various OBGYN exams, including one angry OBGYN who yelled at me in his Russian accent “totally unacceptable!” when I scooted away during a speculum exam. I went to vaginismus.com and ordered those dilators. I tried getting my husband to use his fingers. I used tampons. I went to counseling (even with a sex therapist). I then considered going to IVF so I could bypass intercourse as a way of getting pregnant.

    After 6 years of all of this, where I essentially chased my tail again and again, I found Dr. Pacik’s site and just had my treatment this past week!


    Hi Reese and Lotus. Thank you both for replying to this thread. Reese, it is wonderful that you received insurance reimbursement for this treatment with the help of Diane Tremblay. For others who may be considering this treatment but have financial concerns, please know that you too could receive insurance coverage for the procedure. I would definitely encourage you to contact Dr. Pacik’s office to discuss this further and also be connected with Diane Tremblay. What you both have written about trying so many other treatments in advance of Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment for vaginismus is so common and exactly what I did as well. It took me several years to discover this treatment and I sincerely wish that I had learned of it as my FIRST treatment as it was the cure that my husband and I had been searching for so long for. Much more needs to be done in terms of advocacy so no other woman with vaginismus has to suffer needlessly and try and fail at so many different treatments when this one WORKS! I would love to hear all of your ideas about ways to further spread the word and get Dr. Pacik’s treatment more known so that it is the very FIRST treatment option discovered!!!


    At the age of 52 I felt like I had tried every treatment under the sun. From surgery to include hymen outer ring removed, episotomy, and scar tissue removal, anti-depressants, alcohol, counseling, sex therapy, dilators, etc. I had my procedure in October and just 14 days after the procedure was able to have intercourse with zero pain. It is now day 119 and I still have no pain.

    I too have had help from Diane Tremblay with insurance coverage. She works so hard for you to help get your insurance to cover all or part of your procedure. I highly recommend her.

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