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    Hi ladies. It is often said “what gets monitored – gets done.” This is why scales are so valuable to diets! This is also why reporting dilation – DAILY – to Dr. Pacik can be so valuable. It enables the patient to provide an account of their work and progress. It also keeps them accountable and allows them to further “own” the process of overcoming vaginismus. I use the term “own” because I have heard Dr. Pacik use it to describe Day 3 post-procedure. While patients are not required to go to the surgi-center on this 3rd day, it is very neat to see how they often work together (arranging times of arrival and departure) and do, in fact, go on this day to further practice dilating and, as Dr. Pacik says, “own” it (i.e. having full and total confidence in oneself and their progress with dilating). Similar to patient’s working to “own” it on day 3, by keeping DAILY dilation logs, you further “own” the process of overcoming vaginismus and, again, it is said – “What gets monitored – gets done.” I would love your feedback here ladies. Have you found the daily dilation log to be an important part of overcoming vaginismus for you?


    I could not agree more. Prior to having the Botox treatment with Dr. Pacik, I was trying to dilate on my own at home. For a variety of reasons, I found every reason to avoid / postpone / procrastinate with the dilating (eg: not in the mood, too tired, does not seem effective, not sure if I’m doing it “right,” can’t get very far with these, “stuck” in the same spot, progress stunted or even reversed, feel like a “crazy woman” doing this, would rather be relaxing with my husband/can’t let him see me like this, embarrassed, etc). As you can tell by my laundry list of excuses, there was lots of uncertainty, awkwardness, and negative self-talk involved with dilation.

    Thankfully, Dr. Pacik’s 1-2-3 punch reversed all of this. Now that I’m under a doctor’s care -with VERY SPECIFIC directions of how, when, and how much to dilate – the excuses have seemed to melt away. Plus, my body is cooperating AND my husband is completely “in” on the expectations and the process. Not only has he seen me with a dilator in me, but he even knows how to insert one in me. But, as you mention, Heather, perhaps the most significant aspect of Dr. Pacik’s “prescription”: the daily reports! Because I know that I need to TELL my doctor IF/HOW I’ve actually “done my homework” — I’m more likely to get the job done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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