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    Hello everyone,

    I want to share that I suffered with Vaginismus for 13 years. The cure for me was going to physical therapy every week and using dilators every day. Also, stretching in pigeon pose, cobbler’s pose, the split, and the Chinese split every day for two years. Praise Jesus, I am free. I hope this helps!
    Much love to all of you,


    Congrats FreeLadyAtLast for your progress in beating your vaginismus! I can definitely say that dilators are what ensured my long-term success after I got the botox treatment at Maze – they’re the secret sauce that ensure continued progress. Best of luck to you and congrats again on all the progress you’ve made!


    Congratulations, FreeLadyAtLast555!!!!

    Dilators and going to Maze Women’s Health (to help me with the dilators) every few weeks is what helped me overcome it also! I don’t stretch very often so I’ll have to look up those poses and start doing that, too 🙂


    Is botox necessary?



    Absolutely not! Botox is not necessary. I didn’t use botox and I overcame my vaginismus with dilators only.

    That being said, I personally used the help of Maze Women’s health to help me insert them for the first times (any pelvic floor physical therapist / similar women’s health center would be able to help). There are others with vaginismus (especially those who have used tampons before) that could probably use the dilators without the help of a professional, but for me going to Maze and having them put the dilator in for me and teach me to use them (and encourage me along my journey as I moved to larger dilators, etc.) was what helped me overcome my vaginismus.

    You can read more about my journey here (from 2017):


    For me, it was very important to NOT GIVE UP. It might not be easy but with time and determination you can do it! Vaginismus is SO TREATABLE, it CAN BE FIXED!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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