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    Hi ladies. For so many years while suffering with vaginismus, I would always ask why? Why did I have this? What caused me to have the inability to have sex when all of my friends could? It troubled me greatly and, even after being cured, I will still think about this question once in a while and wonder what caused it. If you too are wondering this, Dr. Pacik has written a commentary on a multitude of causes for the condition:


    Excerpts include:

    “Though the causes of primary vaginismus are unknown there is little question that spasm of the entry muscle is related to the more severe cases of vaginismus. Patients with secondary vaginismus are more likely to demonstrate a cause related to some condition that preceded the onset of vaginismus. Treatment with Botox injections and dilation under anesthesia can be very effective for both primary and secondary vaginismus regardless of the cause.”

    Do you ever have the same questions concerning causes of vaginismus? Regardless of the cause, please know that there is a cure for this condition with Dr. Pacik’s treatment program. I seriously feel that if it worked for my husband and I, it can work for anyone. I would love your comments and feedback here.

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