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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new page that describes We-Vibe Sexual Aids:


    “We-Vibe was founded on the mission to create safe, high quality, eco-friendly sexual aids that enhances the love-making experience for couples. We have found that these vibrating sexual aids can be very useful in the treatment of vaginismus allowing for relaxation during dilation and helping the transition from dilators to intercourse. A number of vaginismus aids are introduced during the post-procedure counseling session to help women advance from dilators to enjoyable sex.”

    Following my procedure, I tried the We-Vibe and found it very useful. I used it along with dilating and intercourse as it worked great for both distraction as well as relaxation. First, concerning dilating, I loved using this in the early time-period post-procedure as it was very small and I didn’t find it intimidating and it helped me to relax so much more. Second, concerning intercourse, my husband and I used this as a wonderful means of relaxing me that much more both prior to and also during intercourse and we explored the 7-different speeds and just enjoyed this aid very much. I would highly recommend it to all reading this as, again, it helped me so much with relaxation during both dilation as well as intercourse.

    Has anyone else tried the We-Vibe? What have been your experiences? Would you recommend it to future patients?


    I just looked at this page, so I’m very interested to know if anyone has tried them as well.


    I haven’t tried the We-Vibe products but if Heather has made a recommendation I know it is a good one. She has been a huge resource for me as well as a wonderful supporter and friend. I use the Lelo Liv vibrator that was also recommended by Heather and Dr. Pacik’s office and I love it. It is just the right size and can be used like a dilator as well.


    Hi all. There is a recent excellent review regarding the We-Vibe Products:

    The Forum member writes:
    I recently buy a vibrator. It’s aWe-Vibe 4 plus. I then started to experiment its uses.
    I use it for clitoral stimulation which helps me relax during dilation exercise. I tried putting it on the edge of #4 and #5 of Pure Romance silicone dilators.
    It works quite well. My hubby can now put the tip in with the vibrator on my clitoris which help ease my anxiety towards penetration. Do you know how happy I felt at that time?
    Then I came across this success story: http://www.vaginismusmd.com/vaginismus/dilation/vibrators-and-dilators/
    I’m really excited and look forward to successful penetration soon!
    Hope ladies who are still struggling like I do will try this great tool!”


    Hi Heather and all,

    I checked Heather’s link and saw two types of vibrators – one was smaller and one larger – but the larger one seemed softer. Which one of these has anyone used? The larger one seems very wide, but I have to say I like the idea that it is softer.

    Thanks and all the best,


    Hi Leena. I’ve tried the We-Vibe Tango and have really, really enjoyed it plus it helped so much for relaxation when having sex in the beginning post-procedure. I have not tried the We-Vibe Touch but you’re right, the silicone material looks very comfortable and softer. I checked out the We-Vibe site and there are some very good and interesting reviews on both the Tango plus the Touch: http://we-vibe.com/reviews/page/2/ Ladies, which one have you tried and would recommend???


    Thanks, Heather!

    Janet Pacik

    For those of you that are interested in purchasing one of our various vibrating dilators, you just need to call the office and speak with either Lisa or Cynthia at 603-669-0290. The prices are:

      We Vibe Tango (Reg $80) Discounted to $68.00
      We Vibe Touch (Reg $85.50) Discounted to $51.30
      Lelo Liv (Reg $109.00) Discounted to $92.65
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