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    I am to the point in my journey where I only use my dilators when I feel I need to or just for reasuurance sometimes. However, I am always researching for others. I happened to come across these and thought I’d see what the doctors and specialists on here think of them. It is an interesting concept. The neodymium magnets are suppose to increase blood flow in the vagina and relive any discomfort. They were invented by a woman who suffered with Vulvodynia for four years.They are a lot more expensive than the Pure Romance dilators, but if the science behind it is legitimate than it might be an option for some women. Of course, anyone with a medical device that is electronic would not be able to use them.


    Hi Lulu. I’m so glad you have been so successful in your own treatment.
    Magnets and lasers are becoming increasingly popular for treatment of vulvar disorders. However, they have only shown to be effective on neurological or skin issues, and there is no evidence to suggest that they have any positive impact on tight muscles, so they are not suggested for treatment of vaginismus. It’s great that you are on the lookout for additional treatment modalities though.


    Maybe they’re not scientifically proven to help with vaginismus, but for me they were a miracle!!!! I tried 1st with nonmagnetic dilators, and got nowhere. I couldn’t even get the smallest 1 in. I tried for a week, and ended up crying every time. I was ready to give up, figuring I was a lost cause. But then I decided to order the vuva magnetic ones. I figured I had nothing to lose. The very 1st time I tried it, I was able to insert the 2 smallest ones with no pain at all. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I ordered the next 2 sizes the next day. By the end of that week I was able to insert the second to largest dilator! (5.5 inches, 1.25 inches wide.) And I was never even able to insert a TAMPON before that! It could be entirely psychological, but whatever it was, it worked!!!! Ever since starting to use the vuva magnetic dilators, I’ve been hopeful that I could overcome this. AND I haven’t cried once! Except for tears of joy when I was able to insert the dilator for the first time.


    That is so wonderful that the magnetic dilators worked for you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of figuring out what works best for the individual. So glad you didn’t give up and figured out what would work for you!


    I also came across these dilators. Are there any more reviews of them?

    I found this article, its old but does talk about pelvic pain

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