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    Very random and no idea if it correlates, but how many women on here who suffer from vaginismus are also vegetarian/vegan?

    I ask bc my wife and I formerly had mutually enjoyable sex, however that stopped when her vaginismus set in, which ironically (or not) happened at the exact moment she stopped eating meat. Five years ago.

    Today she saw a general doctor for a basic checkup who after looking at her for two minutes (and not knowing anything about her) asked her if she was anemic (TBD). He knew she didn’t eat meat and even perfectly described her cycle.

    Again, not saying it’s directly correlated but perhaps anemia plays a part in it? Do we have any other veggies here?


    Hello! I happen to be Vegan and suffer from vaginismus. However, I do not have anemia. I do suffer from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, which plays a roll in my vaginismus(In addition to me having extreme anxiety as well).
    Also, meat can be known to lower sexdrive and take a toll on overall health, so I highly doubt in any way that is causing her vaginismus.
    Make sure she’s eating tons of veggies which are rich in iron, as well as getting her B12. Nutritional yeast is great for that! Hope this has helped!



    That’s an interesting point! I think the timing might be a coincidence! I do think there can be a correlation of vaginismus with mental health (anxiety etc.) which is why a therapist (along with dilators/physical therapy/etc.) can be so helpful; maybe if someone’s vegetarianism/veganism is spurred by something mental health-related I could see them being tied together?

    Hope you all are doing well and you both are healthy and happy!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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