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    Hi all. In a great Blog, Tara Ford, PA-C at Maze Women’s Sexual Health commented on an episode of Masters of Sex that addresses Vaginismus:


    She writes:

    “As the episode showed, traditional treatment for vaginismus includes counseling and progressive dilation. I was disappointed they didn’t show the dilators in the episode, which to me made them seem a lot scarier than what they are. Dilators simply are plastic cylinders that come in several different sizes. Typically, I introduce the first dilator and the patient goes home to practice insertion daily and returns on weekly basis to increase in size. Also at these weekly visits, the patient meets with a counselor to discuss her fears. We have found that some patients benefit from more intensive psychotherapy which we offer at our center too. We have great success with these treatment modalities with most patients completing treatment in 2-4 months. However, in a case where the patient does not respond to conservative treatment, either due to severe pain or intense fear, we offer botulinum toxin injections under sedation.”

    I encourage you to read and welcome your comments and feedback here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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