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    Hi all. In a recent post, Dr. P wrote that post-treatment “[t]here are many other problems that sometimes surface including poor lubrication, low libido, inability to orgasm and disgust issues. Getting support from a psychologist skilled in vaginismus counseling can be very helpful.”

    Maze provides therapy and counseling to all patients (vaginismus and other) and their approach to all sexual dysfunction is a combination of medical and psychological treatment. See link describing Sex Therapy at Maze: //

    Has anyone received post-treatment counseling? What have been your experiences? Would you recommend it to others reading this right now.


    Overcoming vaginismus is a process, and while successfully having intercourse is one way to judge “success,” I think it is also important to recognize that numerous feelings and emotions come up both during treatment and after. Women have spent years thinking their bodies were “abnormal” or “damaged.” This can leave psychological and emotional issues that penetration does not address. Many women fear “it will come back,” and have a hard time believing how much they have achieved. Many women are also angry at themselves for not getting help “earlier” and feel they have wasted years of their life not dealing with their vaginismus. As we on the forum know it is not easy finding medical help for vaginismus, and are told “it was all in your head.” So when they realize it was “not all in their head” they are angry and frustrated, which are completely understandable feelings. Counseling can help process these emotions and allow you to move beyond the fear and anger to a place of peace and healing. You don’t have to be in counseling forever, even a few sessions can help process the feelings that have been with you for years, and that is yet another way to judge success.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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