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    Hello! This is my first post and wanted to say hi and introduce myself. After a year about thinking about the botox procedure my husband and I decided to go for it and I am scheduled for the procedure for this coming July 2014. I am nervous and hopeful at the same time! I have the wonderful pleasure of having both secondary vaginismus and vulvodynia which started after I have birth to my little boy 2.5 years ago via an emergency csection. Prior to this I didn’t have pain or trouble with having sex. No-one know why this happened exactly after giving birth, t here are so many theories out there it makes my head spin. I have tried so many things to cure myself so my husband and I can regain that part of our life again. He has been so supportive and amazing through everything. Because of the nerve pain it is going to be harder for my system to reset itself but this procedure is one of my last options so I am going to give it a try and do everything I can to make it work. This had been such an emotional struggle and a final struggle the past two years. We would like to have a second child and are hoping we will be able to do that some day. I know a lot of women on this forum have had trouble getting pregnant and my heart goes out to you. I feel a little selfish because here I am wanting a second one and I had a “normal” sex life before this but I am facing so many of the same emotional struggles of not being able to have penetration with my husband, feeling broken and worn down from trying so many things and fear that if this goes away that it will come back after I give birth if I am blessed with another baby. I wish you all the best and hope you find success in overcoming vaginismus! Tell a friend, they could be having the same problem to and suffering in silence.


    Hi galaxygal. Welcome to the Forum. I think it is so, so wonderful that you will be having the procedure coming up in July and I just know it will go so well for you and your husband. Having any form of sexual pain is so difficult and I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. I, too, suffered with vaginismus in the past and shared so many of the same emotional struggles you describe. I had the treatment in June of 2011 and was able to have pain-free intercourse with my husband on July 4th (our sexversary…lol). I truly believe that we never would’ve been able to enjoy this without meeting Dr. Pacik and having this procedure as the wall and blocked resistance feeling that we always felt with penetration went away post-procedure and with the Botox and this allowed me to insert the dilators and later my husband without the extreme pain that I always had in the past. I, too, felt a combo of nervousness and hopefulness at the same time pre-procedure and so many emotions. Please, please know we are all here to support you.

    In addition, I wanted to share the link for the Cosmo article in which a patient shares her success story (the fourth publication down is the PDF link for Cosmo article). This one article has reached so many other women who also have sexual pain and who might have been suffering in silence and is so wonderful. See Cosmo to Cured: I love what you wrote: “Tell a friend, they could be having the same problem too and suffering in silence.”


    Hi Heather34,
    Thank you for your words of encouragement, I really appreciate it! It is great when articles and stories can reach a lot of women. I have a friend that has vaginas and never told anyone until I talked to you about what I was going through. I couldn’t believe she kept it a secret for so long but now she has someone to talk to about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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