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    Has anyone ever had to get the “cervical check” done while being pregnant and having vaginismus?
    If anyone could tell me how this was done, and what you did to prepare that would be great. Because I can not think of a whole hand all up in there!!

    Janet Pacik

    Hi mmbayles91, There are 3 pages of wonderful posts on our VaginismusMD Forum already on this subject under the category Success Stories — Topic “Pregnant and Survived Ultrasound!”

    Hopefully, these posts will help you.


    I have done 3 pap smears now and about due for another one! I found putting the pink dilator in the night before the ultrasound and sleeping with it in helped alot. I also found that there was still lots of lubricant left over too which helped! I also found being totally open about my condition with the doctor or the ultrasound technician helped too. I sometimes had to explain what my condition was and what I needed them to do-but it’s worth it in the end. I would ask that they tell me everything step by step that they were going to do. I asked them to use the smallest equipment that they had-usually it’s the pap dilater they use for virgins!

    Just putting the dilaters in before helped me so much. There is no law saying that you couldn’t even arrive with your dilater in and take it out immedietly before the pap smear was to take place. Nurses and doctors would probably be impressed that you came prepared! I am a nurse and I know that this would be totally acceptable.

    Hope this helps!


    What I am concerned about is the “cervix check” during pregnancy where they put a whole hand up your vagina.. I know that none of my dialtors are going to prepare me for this.. I’m scared so much that often when I think about it I just want to cry… I don’t want them to do that to me, but I know it has to happen to see how dilated your cervix is. 🙁


    Hi mmbayles. I am so sorry that you are nervous about this upcoming exam and wanted to try to help you in any way that I can and to mainly let you know that I’m here for you always and thinking of you. I found a couple of posts on our Forum and one comment on-line discussing the cervical exam and I hope it helps you.

    First, you have the option of refusing the cervical exam. This is from Patient A, one of Dr. Pacik’s previously treated patients:

    “I found out that the cervical exam is meant to tell the OB if your cervix has dilated and if it’s effaced. The thing is, there is higher chance of infection each time you do this procedure and it doesn’t really tell you much. You can be 4cm dilated one day and not go into labor for another 2 months, or you can be 0 cm dilated and go into labor the next day. Because it can’t help predict labor and there are more risks than benefits, I didn’t think it was necessary to suffer through it every week. I decided to get it done the day before I decided to get induced.”

    Second, from Patient B, another one of Dr. Pacik’s treated patients, she did have the cervical exam and writes:
    “My first exam EVER was my first cervical check while I was pregnant with Kaden. I was terrified, but my ob/gyn doctor placed her finger on the muscles that were tensing and said “relax these right here”. I did, and all went well after that.”

    In a separate Forum and in response to a question concerning nervousness about the cervical check, a woman posted the following reply:
    “The midwife will only use 2 fingers, not her whole hand…..some people worry about this! She will use lubricant to make it less uncomfortable for you.”

    For the veteran patients reading this who have had cervical exams, I would love to hear of your experiences and if you have any specific advice of what helped you with these exams during your pregnancy?


    Hi mmbayles. I’m not sure when your exam is but just wanted to say that I’ve been thinking and praying for you. I had another thought that may or may not be of benefit – I am honestly not sure and you would probably have to speak to your Doctor first to make sure it is safe. But, I wonder if using a combo of the surgi-lube/lidocaine mix may help at all with this cervical exam. I know how much it helped me with the dilating post-procedure. Just a thought. Any other ideas from the ladies who have actually had cervical exams???


    Hi mmbayles,

    I had the cervical exam first at the doctors office when I was getting close to my due date. She used a lot of lube, told me to count to three and basically push as if I was pooping when she inserted her finger. She started with one finger and then added the second one. It did not hurt at all – I was shocked! And I wasn’t dilated at all.

    With that, I felt confident going to the hospital during labor that I could handle it….but it was different. The nurses were rushed, they looked at me like I was nuts when I explained that yes I was pregnant but I also had issues with insertion. They were rougher, I was maybe more nervous, it hurt, a lot. They also said my cervix was high, so they had trouble finding it and it felt like it took forever. Eventually they were able to determine that I was 5 cm dilated and they admitted me.

    During the rest of my labor, the cervix check was the worst part. I ended up getting the epidural just so I could get through it – good thing too because they had to manually break my water, which I’m sure I couldn’t have done without the epidural.

    I don’t want to scare you- you can get through it – in fact, you’ll have to because that baby is coming!

    My advice- communicate clearly to the nurse who does the first cervix check when you’re in labor so she understands your situation, and then once you’re admitted, get the epidural as soon as possible, it will allow you to relax and enjoy the labor process and really be joyful when baby is born.

    Congrats on your pregnancy – hope my advice isn’t too late, I just browse this forum occasionally now that I have a little one keeping me busy!


    Sofi, thanks so much for your post. 🙂 I am not pregnant now but I pray that I will be pregnant someday and have often wondered how labor would go after having vaginimus and not being comfortable with random doctors/nurses touching me. I think that is a great idea to try to be vocal about your situation.

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