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    Hi there,

    I’ve just stumbled across a relatively new looking website

    It is UK based (though shops internationally), and offers a 21 day programme of sleeping with a thin looking ‘vagi-wave’ dilator. It’s recommended to help train women to feel in control of all sorts of issues we have to face, vaginismus being one of the main ones, as well as inserting tampons and preparing for gyno exams.

    It has an interesting section talking about the benefits of sleeping with the dilator, which is important for retraining the subconscious. This fits hand in hand with Dr Pacik’s recommendation, though it was interesting to read more about the psychology behind why it seems to work.

    In comparison to the lengths many of us have to go to overcome Level 5 vaginismus, the ‘vagi-wave’ looks a little light weight, but could be a useful addition perhaps, or to help those suffering less severely?

    I was impressed that it was being promoted as something to help any women prepare and cope with issues in adult life… the website felt accessible, with no stigma attached.

    It would be interesting to hear what you think of the ‘vagi-wave’, and whether any of you have tried it out?

    Arose. xx


    I have to admit, I’m pretty skeptical of this device, and surprised by how many positive reviews it’s received. I have a less severe form of vaginismus, but I don’t see how this could have helped me all that much. It’s so small! I don’t think this would have given me the confidence that my vagina can stretch enough to fit a penis inside it. Of course, logically, I know it can, but emotions don’t usually listen to logic.

    Who knows though, perhaps I’m wrong about it.

    Dr. Pacik

    I too think this device is lightweight. I’m not keen on the wave form because with spasm of the entry muscle it may be uncomfortable to remove. During the early stages of treatment it is important that anything inserted should have a smooth contour. Devices with bulbs at the end or in this case waves, probably will not work for most of our patients. Thanks Arose for bringing this to our attention, it makes all of us more knowledgeable.


    I have managed to purchase a vagi-wave while on vacation to Europe, and I had a fairly serious form of vaginismus and had been seen by many medics etc. Tried the dilator route, tried many types, all unsuccessful and painful as well. Needless to say I read the beautiful website and thought what the heck I’ll get one when out in Europe. So I did, and I had NO trouble getting it in, the fact it is small is only a smoke screen for what it can do. I can tell you it is a perfect shape with a choice of endings so I could choose which to use. Then the contours made it easier for me to get in because I could do it bit by bit, then when I had done one the next one was just repeating what I’d done so the process is self encouraging. It was easy to sleep with, and after the 3 weeks I had improved immensely and was able to attempt intercourse. I still felt things a bit tight but what I have noted is that for every time I had sex thereafter it got easier and easier and now my vagina (and/or the spasm bit) no longer resists sex at all, now it accepts my husband’s penis and we enjoy sex where before sex was not happening at all. I think people are under estimating this product, how I felt on starting use was that it was unthreatening to me and that because it is a staged device I could control the insertion and then take a breather before pushing the next bit in. I also liked I could do this in my own time just before going to sleep and nobody eg hubby knew what I was doing under the bed clothes. Before I got up I just tugged and it came out, it was that easy. I think it is a shame I had one and no body else could get one, so I washed it and gave it to a close girlfriend who also got the same results as me. Both of us are now free of vaginismus and we have agreed to share it and use it once a week to reaffirm the results. I wish I could share it with you all as well but I cannot as it is soon to be passed around where I live. Hand on heart I state the following : It actually works and I cannot say how grateful I am for it, I am just sad nobody will ever be able to buy it in US as they only sell to Europe, and unless like me you go on vacation then you are stuck. I am so lucky because I frequent Europe with my job so am able to purchase for the circle of friends I have. So far I have been back to Europe and purchased another 6, and all the girlfriend’s I gave one to each said they managed to achieve intercourse where all else had failed. We are all different, but the sooner we accept progress does bring new things to help us the better we will be, I could have been cynical but because I was open minded I went with my gut and bought, tried and tested, and I (& 6 others) now report the vagi-wave does work.


    I am just glad to see more options becoming available if only for the added attention it creates for vaginismus. Hopefully the more people find out about these various products they will not feel like this is such an abnormal condition and may be empowered to research further into which solution is right for them.

    I know I would not be successful with the vagiwave due to the severity of my vaginismus, but I think it could be a viable therapy for others. For example, I have an aunt who has struggled with secondary vaginusmus after multiple surgeries for endometriosis and a hysterectomy where she could not have sex for a year after the surgery. She was able to successfully use products like this and dildos to work back up to comfortable intercourse.

    Dr. Pacik

    Thanks Whispers for your detailed commentary. It is always helpful to have choices and I congratulate you on your success.


    I have used it now for 21 nights and my vaginismus had gone completely, for good measures I did the 21 nights again after a period to check , and was bowled over as I could initiate and complete sex and also go for a cervical screen, I did it all with no effort just led back so to speak went to sleep and let it do its wonders. There you have it, I have spoken up. But yes you will never be able to buy it in the US, they have no intention of shipping Stateside (:


    I have suffered with primary vaginismus for 3 years and couldn’t even get a tampon or even a q-tip inside me! Someone mentioned vagi-wave under a video that I saw at the weekend and thought I would give it a try. Dialators and botox injections did not work for me (the latter cost me £3000 to have under GA) and my Gynae said that I have the “severest form of vaginismus” when he was unable to insert his finger into my vagina after administering a botox injection.

    However, I am in tears as I write this as I have been able to insert the vagi-wave tonight (on my first attempt) and I can’t believe it! I am on my way to recovery!!!!

    I am not sure that I am a level 5 – but the insertion of the vagi-wave is my first ever successful penetration. I have no idea why I found this easy to insert and dilators impossible, maybe due to the wavy shape and the soft medical grade silicon? I don’t know but I got it in!!!!!!

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