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    So, fortunately, I have made it to the largest dilator of my set(kind of).
    I had been using a clitoral vibrator, because (obviously) the dilator goes in easier when I am aroused. Most recently, I had NOT used the vibrator, and just got the dilator in by relaxing my pelvic muscles.
    First time getting largest in- (With lube)used vibrator, inserted the 2nd to last size and let it sit. While using vibrator, then switched to the largest/last dilator.
    Second time- (With lube)Got 2nd to last size in comfortably, WITHOUT vibrator. Let it sit, then inserted the largest/last dilator.
    Now, the first time I did not have much problems, though it was tight and hard to take back out, even with lube. The second, with no vibrator, as I inserted the largest in, I felt pressure to urinate. I still got it in, but it was tight. It did not sting much at all, but it was very tight. Taking it out was difficult as well. After a day or so, I noticed I was starting to get a UTI. Turns out I did have one, and was prescribed antibiotics.

    My question, and concerns are how am I suppose to continue dilating, if with the biggest size I got a UTI? It was not due to the dilator being dirty, but the pressure it put on to my urethra, and how irritating it lead to a UTI. I don’t want to get a UTI every time I dilate. I am very stuck currently, and would appreciate any feedback! Thank you 🙂


    Hello Hylian! Wow, I’ve never heard of this happening so I’ll let one of the helpful doctors weigh in, but perhaps the UTI was a coincidence? I can’t be sure but I’d just take a break from the biggest ones and use smaller ones for now to maintain your progress while you’re figuring it out. But also don’t force it if there’s too much discomfort – you want dilating to stay as pain-free as possible!


    It could be that just this first time the UTI developed because it was the first penetration with the largest size, but as you continue to dilate with the largest size, and you get used to it, you will not continue to get the UTIs.

    I would make sure everything is adequately lubricated, coconut oil does have natural antibacterial properties to it, so you might want to try that.

    It is not uncommon for us to have women develop a UTI when they initiate dilation, or get up to the biggest size. It usually does not become a chronic problem, once the body is adjusted to the penetration.

    I would also make sure to urinate after dilation to flush the urethra.

    I would increase fluids, 8 glasses of H2O daily.

    You can also try cranberry extract supplements as a preventative.

    I would complete the antibiotics and start to slowly dilate again. If the UTI happens again, which I think is less likely to happen, you can ask you gyn for a prophylactic antibiotic to take prior to dilation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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