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    Hi all. For those of you who have your procedures coming up at Maze Women’s Sexual Health, there is an excellent thread that I wanted to share on using the travel neck pillow:

    Katy writes:
    “I have been struggling really hard with sitting while I’m dilating, and I can’t be the only one! I couldn’t do it! At all! So I came up with a somewhat creative way to comfortably sit with a dilator. I’m sure many of our ladies have already come up with this and suggested it on the forum, but so far I haven’t seen it. I bought a travel neck pillow that you would use in a car or on a plane. It is my new best friend! If you sit on the neck pillow so that it supports your butt and thighs, the neck hole takes all the pressure off the dilators while you are sitting. I’m not sure whether my husband now thinks I’m nuts or a genius. LOL!”

    Lulu writes:
    “The travel pillow is a great idea! My mom asks me if I need a donut cushion when she is around when I am dilating. I keep forgetting to look for one or something similar. It really does take getting use to sitting with the dilators. I am almost a month post procedure and I can say it has gotten a little better for me. I still have days where it is worse sitting than other though. I use the glass dilators 90% of the time which makes it much easier. I actually dislike standing up from sitting more. It feels like a vacuum sometimes if that makes any sense. I hold the dilator in when I get up because of this.”

    Katy writes:
    “That does make sense! I hate having to stand up from sitting as well. I only use the glass dilators as of right now. It makes it a little easier, but I am only a week post procedure and I’m still in a decent amount of pain. I was kind of staring at the travel pillows at work today and randomly had the thought to sit on it. So I bought it! It’s incredible.”

    I would highly recommend the travel neck pillow. Links to it can be found on

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