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    Any Advice from dilator 5 to actual intercourse?

    Although i can put glass dilator 5 with some push and practice in 5 to 10 minutes but find it really hard for actual sex as muscles are tight.

    Does this mean i have to wait till i am really loose or stretched ?


    If the glass dilator 5 is bigger than your partner, then you might be ready.

    If you partner is bigger than the glass dilator 5, then he might still have trouble penetrating. And I would continue dilation and ensure that you can insert something larger than your partner.

    I would also try to practice with the glass dilator, more swift penetration. Ideally you want to be able to pass the dilator through the vaginal opening within a minute. Since it is difficult for most partners to maintain an erection for much longer than a few minutes without penetration.

    Keep it up, you are doing great!


    thank you,

    1 minute for dilator 5 seems quite fast 🙂
    in your experience how much dilation hours daily needed to get that stage?



    consistency is key – 15 min every couple days (so 3 or 4 times a week) has worked for me! I pass through vaginal opening multiple times during my dilating sessions to help get used to the feeling, and it gets easier each time!

    Hope this helps.


    Seconded on the consistency point – I dilated every day after the procedure until I was able to have intercourse, and kept it up every day after that for awhile until I was really comfortable with and enjoyed having sex. I think either my method (every day) or Sks823’s (3-4 times a week) would work, though I will say that knowing I had to do at least SOME dilating every single day helped me to be consistent, because I couldn’t make excuses to myself like “I’m tired” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” even though I really wanted to.

    Inserting and taking out the dilator several times in a session is the best way to see results without spending a ton of time, like Sks823 says. It’s the hard part, so that’s where the real gains can be made!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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